Lighthouse in San Ignacio

Geography of Uruguay

Uruguay forms a transition area between Brazil’s highlands and the Argentine plain of Pampas. Large parts of the country’s central parts consist of slate and sandstone from Perm and Mesozoic. Along the border with Brazil a number of hills where the bedrock consists mainly of red sandstone, partly covered by basalt. From here, two altitudes […]

footballing power

Uruguay Guide

Uruguay is a republic in southeastern South America. The country is like a cone bordering Brazil in the north and east, Argentina in the west and the Atlantic in the south and southeast. Uruguay is South America’s second smallest country and is an economically well-developed democracy. More than half of the inhabitants live in the […]

New York City Hotels

The best accommodations in New York range from stylish to boutique hotels to venerable traditional. New, impressive hotels are constantly opening. Summer is the off-season of luxury hotels. To get a cheap price for a hotel room, you have to book as early as possible. It is advisable to compare the offers of the hotels on the Internet, because there are often those […]