Music in Peru

Music in Peru

Folk music Bas-reliefs of processions and ceremonies testify that ritual dances at a high artistic level have played an important role in Peru’s ancient civilization. Archaeological finds also document a rich pre-Columbian music scene with conch horns, whistles, horns of various sizes, pan-whistles, bells and rattles of silver, drums and ocharines. In traditional quechua music, Native American flutes, quena, are still […]

Theater in Peru

Art and Theater in Peru

Art in Peru On the art of pre-Columbian times, see Chimú, moche, Tiahuanaco, nazca, and the Inca, as well as illustrations under Native Americans. In the colonial period visual art was almost exclusively related to the sacral. The pervasive changes brought about by the liberation wars of the early 19th century came to the fore […]

Toronto at night

Toronto Nightlife

Toronto’s nightlife is another aspect that can refute the city’s reputation for being colorless. This was greatly supported by the provincial government extending the serving hours to 2:00 am, while nightclubs and certain bars are often open until dawn. Night clubs charge admission, normal bars only if a group occurs. Some emphatically chic nightclubs do not let guests […]