Music in Paraguay

Theater and Music in Paraguay

Theater in Paraguay During the colonial period, the Jesuits initiated theater production in both Spanish and the local Native American guaraní, as well as traveling theater companies visiting the country. After independence in 1811, cultural development was for a long time hindered by particularly brutal regimes. In the early 1900s, the country was visited by […]

Sharp contrasts characterize the natural conditions in Peru

Geography of Peru

Peru is South America’s third largest country. Traditionally, the landscape is divided into three longitudinal topographic regions: the dry coastal plain in the west, the highlands with the Andes in the middle and tropical rainforest in the Amazon basin in the east. Although the coastal region accounts for only 12 per cent of the total […]

Brooklyn Bridge by night, New York City

New York City Nightlife

The hustle and bustle of New York city life does not subside even at night, and there are hundreds of nightclubs, jazz pubs, discos and bars all over the city. Generally the nightlife is in New York very diverse, but the entertainment area focuses on very specific places. Times Square, once a little disreputable, is currently experiencing […]