The Potaro River

Geography of Guyana

Guyana can be divided into two main geographical regions: coastal plain and the interior highlands. The approximately 60 kilometers wide coastal plain is largely reclaimed land that is partially below sea level. It is protected by an extensive system of dikes and drainage channels. Within the coastal plain, the country first rises faintly against a […]

Osama's House

48 Hours in Macaé, Brazil

Macaé is a city in the interior of Rio de Janeiro. Macaé is the ideal destination for those seeking tranquility with a large green area, natural beauty, beaches and leisure options. Get to know the true Macae within 48 hours with the guide to finding hidden gems in the city. You will be surprised to learn that some […]

Cape trees in Paraguay

Geography of Paraguay

Paraguay is divided into two of the Paraguay River in the north-south direction. East of the river, the bedrock consists of outlets from the Brazilian bedrock with some sedimentary cover layers, while the areas to the west are part of the Chaco plain. Along the river there is a wide swamp area with annual floods. […]

Famous yellow taxis of New York City

Transportation in New York City

Public transportation The Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) – New York City Transit (Tel: (718) 330 12 34., which offers cheaper and more efficient services than that, is responsible for public transport in New York many private companies that also exist. The New York Subway (subway) is fast, air-conditioned, extremely cheap and much safer than expected (however, you should avoid it at night if […]