The middle part of Ecuador

Geography of Ecuador

Ecuador encompasses three main geographical regions: the coastal, highland and eastern lowlands. The landscape and nature have enormous variety, from humid rainforests and large river deltas, to arid desert areas and mountain peaks over 6,000 meters. Coastal land (La Costa), between the Pacific coast and the Andes, is a 50-150 km wide lowland which represents […]

Sloth Island Nature Reserve, Guyana

Wildlife and Plant Life in Guyana

Plant life in Guyana The flora belongs to the Neotropical Flora kingdom. Mangrove vegetation and many grass species adapted to salt and brackish water protect the coast from erosion. Within the coastal zone there are wetlands with coarse, tufted grass and palm species. coconut palms. Tropical rainforest covers approx. three quarters of the land area. […]

New York City street signs

Things to Do in New York City

Golf The American Golf Corporation (Internet:¬† is the largest golf course management company in the world and offers over 70 golf courses worldwide as well as numerous courses in New York City, including the Clearview Golf Club, 202-12 Willets Point Blvd (Tel: (718) 225 46 53). The Golf Club at Chelsea Piers (Tel: (212) 336 […]