Literature of Ecuador

Literature of Ecuador

Ecuador’s first significant poet was José Joaquín Olmedo (1780-1847), best known for his ode La victoria de Junín (1825), a tribute to the release hero Simón Bolívar. One of the foremost Spanish-American essayists of the 19th century was Juan Montalvo (1832–1889), with his political pamphlets and philosophical treaties. The romantic poet Juan León Mera (1832–1894) […]

Wildlife and Plant Life in Ecuador

Plant life in Ecuador Ecuador belongs to the tropical climate zone, but the climate shows great contrasts, both in the north-south direction and vertically. The large elevation differences and the cold Perus stream contribute to the climate. The northernmost deen of the coastal country has a hot and humid climate, with more than 2000 mm […]

Statue of Liberty, New York City

Attractions in New York City

Attractions in New York City American Museum of the Moving Image The American Museum of the Moving Image, dedicated to film, television, video and interactive media, is a true Mecca for the film lover. Classic films are shown daily at Tut’s Fever Movie Palace, cinema films are shown on weekdays in the Riklis Theater and interactive […]