Things to do in Toronto

Sports Toronto is first and foremost an ice hockey city and it is therefore no wonder that the Hockey Hall of Fame (Internet:  is located here. The mood in the city depends very much on the success or failure of the Toronto Maple Leafs (Internet: , one of the most historic teams in the National Ice […]

The most popular sports in Guyana are cricket , softball (beach cricket) and football.


Guyana, Republic of Northeastern America. The country has a coast to the Atlantic Ocean in the north and borders Suriname in the east, Brazil in the south and southwest and Venezuela in the northwest. Guyana was a British colony from 1814 and became independent in 1966. Three-quarters of the country is covered by rainforest. 90 […]



Ecuador is a republic in northwestern South America, at the equator. It borders Colombia in the north, Peru in the south and east, and the Pacific in the west. The Galápagos Islands in the Pacific about 1,000 kilometers from the mainland are also part of Ecuador. The Andes range from north to south across two […]