6 Keys for The Rebirth of HTC Now That Peter Chou Left The Company

The decline of HTC seems to have no brake. The Taiwanese company pioneered by launching the first Android smartphone, and was one of the key brands in the first years of the platform. HTC had everything to be a leader of the sector, but the years have not gone in vain and bad decisions have passed them Bill, so that today their sales don’t rise head.

Today we have known that Peter Chou, former CEO and founder of HTC, has left the company permanently, where he still kept his post as head of the research laboratory. HTC has long way to go and many errors be amended If you want to be reborn from its ashes, these are some clues that could return them to their previous status.

A facelift, please…

HTC has always opted for a fairly consistent design language among its range of smartphones, but coherence soon became repeat, to sample the image on these lines. HTC was the brand of the Qtek or that HTC Diamond, already very veteran terminals but with one common element: daring designs.

The Taiwan we have become surprise once more with designs like the of that HTC One M7 with aluminum chassis, but since then have been dedicated to Remove versions of the same concept just unchanged, and in the middle range there is surprising models.

Lack of imagination is made clear with models such as the HTC One A9 and that design as Apple (as much as to endeavor to deny it). Housings with dots of colors of the HTC Desire 530 nor are a great innovation that say. Risk and maintaining the identity is not easy, But what is clear is that HTC needs to hit the table and back to leave us speechless, not limited to redesign again and again the same mobile.

…also for the software

Speaking of redesigns, the HTC Sense interface will need one for a while, and not only at the aesthetic level, also in the functional. The visual layer of the brand was a reference in the early years, when Android was still very green, but today does not add a differential value.

Android 6.0 has perfected the interface, what solution could happen by reducing to the maximum customization and step accelerate upgrades, making good lack. Motorola ran him great to drive the motorcycle G and we believe that HTC could take chopped with a similar strategy.

Regain the throne multimedia

There was a time when HTC was a reference in the media consumption on smartphones and cameras and audio were two key points in their smartphones. Back to HTC One M7, launched in 2013 with those powerful speakers HTC BoomSound and UltraPixel camera, a system that did not come off too well but attracted much interest in the risky proposal.

Since HTC have tested various formulas, but none has come to materialize. Ultrapixel system became the front camera then disappear, as also disappeared two cameras that he was part of the HTC One M8. With HTC 10 achieved a more balanced result, but still does not stand out from the competition.

Care for all ranges of devices

Another failure of HTC, probably the most serious, has been disregard basic and medium ranges of their catalogue, where are the sales of truth. It is true that any manufacturer of smartphones that wants to be at the top needs a stunning flagship, but focus all innovation in the high-end is an error ‘first smartphones’.

Samsung is not leading because it sells many Samsung Galaxy S7, is leading because it has a wide range of prices and offers lots of variety in all ranges. The willing to pay more than 600 euros for a mobile are minority and HTC needs to reinforce the more affordable price segment, not only with more, but also better smartphones.

Create a focused on the smartphone ecosystem

HTC was passed to the virtual reality with very good results and their live HTC are a benchmark of quality, but they have nothing to do with the smartphone. HTC should focus innovation and create an ecosystem of interrelated with their mobile products, which in the end is your main business.

The absence in the growing market of the wearables is unacceptable for a company like HTC. The brand announced the HTC Grip wrist and they eventually cancel it, but since then there has been no more attempts to enter this segment more than the usual rumors. We could cite the HTC Re, a camera of curious action which either came to materialize.

Return to the vanguard requires risk… also with prices

It seems that HTC just rubs shoulders with the leading brands when it comes to pricing to their products. HTC 10 749 euros in its most basic version and its tight supply of middle range has no device that stands out by affordable. Evidently a range as HTC 10 stop will have a high price, but we return to insist: in the basic and medium ranges are sales.

As we said at the beginning, to HTC it is a long way to go to regain their status, but they already have the hardest thing done. Consumers know the brand, probably many have had a mobile HTC before, they just need that they convince them again. We’ll see if Cher Wang, the current CEO, manages to steer the direction of the company following the departure of Peter Chou.