Cape Canaveral, Florida

8 Points of Interest in Cape Canaveral, Florida

Space enthusiasts beware! Cape Canaveral, centrally located on the – how could it be otherwise – Space Coast, is one of NASA’s main launch sites. Rockets from the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo programs, among others, were launched from this base. So this landmark place in history is really a must-visit during your Florida tour. There is also plenty of nature nearby and the beaches are close by. So something for everyone!

8 points of interest Cape Canaveral

According to Allcitycodes, the main attractions in this region are the Kennedy Space Center and Air Force Space and Missile Museum. So these places are definitely worth a visit. Not so interested in space travel? No problem! There is plenty of beautiful nature in the area where you can enjoy hiking and kayaking. There are also several beaches just steps away. Experience Cape Canaveral on a Florida Camper Tour .

1. Kennedy Space Center

The main attraction of Cape Canaveral: the Kennedy Space Center. Rockets were – and still are – launched into space from here. The base takes its name from a visit by Kennedy just before his death in the 1960s, as his dream was to get America to be the first country on the moon. There is something for every age on the huge grounds. Be sure to visit Rocket Garden. Here are some parts of old rockets that have actually been into space. Then stop at Heroes and Legends, where you will find the Astronaut Hall of Fame. Children can indulge themselves in the recently completed Planet Play, a huge interactive playground. If you haven’t gotten enough yet, you can also book a behind-the-scenes tour,

2.Air Force Space and Missile Museum

Can’t get enough of all the space attractions? Next to the Kennedy Space Center is the Air Force Space and Missile Museum. In the newly renovated History Center you can especially learn more about the history of American space travel. There are several exhibits featuring real objects belonging to used missiles. Admission to the History Center is free! There are also a number of launch pads on the site. These are no longer in use, but you can still view them. The museum is also an important place for scientists: a lot of material from the archives is still used for (historical) research.

3. Jetty Park

Jetty Park is a beach park right on the Atlantic Ocean. Normally this is a popular location for rocket watchers on the day of a launch, but you can also relax here. The park is open all year round and for a small price you have access to this beautiful area. You can work on your tan here, but if you prefer to keep moving, you can also kayak or rent surfboards here. You can take a walk on the beach on the platform. Be sure to bring something to eat, because there are ‘grills’ scattered throughout the park that you can use. Children can have fun in the water (lifeguard is present) or in the playground.

4. Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge

Do you need some nature after looking at all those rockets? Then head to Merritt Island: National Wildlife Refuge. This piece of land was reserved by the government in the 1960s to preserve and protect the existing natural landscapes and its inhabitants. In this park you will find dunes, freshwater marshes and forests. Many different animal species live here, including fish and alligators, as well as manatees and river otters. Bird watchers in particular will be very happy here, so be sure to bring your camera. The best chance to spot animals is either very early in the morning or just before sunset.

5. Cocoa Beach Pier

For the ultimate holiday feeling, you should definitely visit Cocoa Beach Pier. There are more than twenty restaurants, bars and (souvenir) shops on this pier. During the day you can fish from the pier (without a license!). Or take a surf lesson: in the ‘surf capital’ of the east coast you should be fine. In the shops you will find everything you need (and more) for a relaxing day at the beach. In the evening you can listen to live entertainment in the form of performances by singers and artists while enjoying your drink and dinner. In addition to live entertainment, there is always something going on here, so be sure to inquire about organized events upon arrival.

6. The East Coast Surfing Hall of Fame

Cocoa Beach is located south of Cape Canaveral. This beach is extremely popular among surfers and female surfers; so much so that the place has been dubbed the ‘surf capital’ of the East Coast. So it’s not surprising that they founded the East Coast Surfing Hall of Fame here. With this, the surfing community wants to honor leading people in the surfing world. New faces are added to the list every two years. If you like surfing or other water sports, be sure to pay a visit to this museum!

7. Parks

There are also a number of oceanfront parks in Cocoa Beach. These parks are open all year round and for a small price you can take advantage of facilities such as showers and toilets. In these parks you can not only enjoy the sun, but also surf, kayak, fish and take walks on the beach. You can also rent equipment for surfing, fishing, or kayaking at some parks. Alan Shepard Park, Sidney Fischer Park and Lori Wilson Park are examples of parks that are right on the water.

8.Thousand Islands Conservation Area

Close to Cocoa Beach and located on Banana River is Thousands Islands Conservation Area. Of course these are not really 1,000 islands, but there are a lot! What makes this place so special is that you can only get there by boat (except for the nature walk from Fourth Street South). The small passages through the water make this area perfect for a kayak or canoe trip. You can also fish or spot wildlife here. Motorized (boat) traffic is not allowed in this area.

Cape Canaveral, Florida