Acapulco, Mexico

Acapulco, Mexico

World famous resort on the Pacific coast of Mexico, which attracts millions of tourists every year due to its mild climate, beautiful beaches and vibrant nightlife. The port city of Acapulco is the famous “night capital” of Mexico, a city of entertainment, shows, casinos and restaurants.

The resort welcomes tourists all year round, but the best time to visit is during the dry season from November to April.

Despite the fact that the hotel infrastructure of Acapulco is well developed and fully complies with international standards, a significant part of its hotel base is in a rather worn condition. After all, this resort was at the zenith of its glory back in the 50s of the last century. At the same time, they built the lion’s share of hotels, which, of course, are updated from time to time.

How to get there

According to, Acapulco Juan Alvarez Airport receives both international flights from America and local ones. In addition, the resort can be reached by bus from Mexico City.

How to navigate in the city

Stretching along picturesque bays for 35 km and framed by green hills, Acapulco is divided into three districts. The city center, “Old Acapulco”, occupies the western side of the bay. The main hotel area is Golden Acapulco. There is also “Brilliant Acapulco” – a zone of luxury villas and luxury hotels in the east. It is most convenient to move around the resort by taxi or special yellow buses with the inscription Acapulco.

Acapulco beaches

The resort’s best beaches are Caleta, Pi de la Cuesta and Caletilla in the Old Acapulco area. They are ideal for families with children: a gentle entrance to the sea, developed infrastructure, and the absence of big waves. In addition, the Condeza beach (Playa Condesa) in the “golden” area is quite popular.

All beaches are sandy, yellowish-gray in color. The sea here is darker than on the Caribbean coast, where the water is azure and the sand is fine and white.

Entertainment and attractions of Acapulco

The Art Nouveau Cathedral, the Chapel of Peace – a castle from the time of Spanish rule on a high mountain next to a 42-meter cross blessing sea travelers, the Museum of Archeology with a rich collection of Indian culture items, the Papagayo National Park with three artificial lakes and a water park, the fortress of San -Diego, built at the beginning of the 17th century – now it houses a historical museum. It is also worth taking a trip on a glass-bottomed boat to Roqueta Island, admiring the beauty of the underwater world and the statue of the Holy Virgin of Guadalupe, the patroness of sailors, installed right at the bottom.

The resort of Acapulco wakes up after sunset, when its lively and very diverse nightlife begins. All kinds of nightclubs and bars pulsate to the rhythm of the dance. Discos in Acapulco are considered the best in the country: they have excellent DJs, great ensembles and famous soloists, light music and fireworks. You can dance until dawn or sit in piano bars, where there is also music, but more relaxed.

In Acapulco, you can rock out at the best discos in the country, as well as indulge your gastronomic addictions in restaurants on the roof of a skyscraper, on a “pirate ship”, on a sea cape or on the mountains and islands closest to the city.

There is also enough entertainment for children in the resort: a historical museum in the seaport, a water amusement park, a zoo on Roqueta Island, and a huge Mundo Marino aquarium.

A special spectacle in Acapulco is dizzying jumps into the sea in the bay of La Quebrada from a cliff 34 m high. The history of this “attraction” begins in 1932, when Rigoberto jumped off a cliff for the amusement of the public in the artificial crevice of La Quebrada, created to ventilate the city Arak. Having instantly become famous, this brave man set a bad example for dozens of desperate seekers of glory. Then, in the 30s, the El Mirador Hotel was built near the rock. Since then, this has been the custom: tourists tickle their nerves with these mini-performances, and brave men gain the coveted fame.

Fishing in Acapulco

The underwater world of Acapulco is surprisingly rich, but divers, alas, have nothing to profit from there – the water in the Pacific Ocean is too muddy. But the fishermen will be delighted: barracudas, tuna, dorado and blue marlin weighing up to 2-2.5 kg are found in abundance in the local waters.

Acapulco, Mexico