Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore, Maryland

Maryland, on the Atlantic coast, is a US state. According to a2zcamerablog, Maryland is known as the “Old Line State” or “Free State”. The Atlantic plain of the state is divided into the east coast (Eastern Shores) and the rest of the state (Western Shores) by the 6,437 km long coast of Chesapeake Bay.

The landscape rises over rolling hills and farmland to the central Allegheny Mountains in the northwest. The 16 km long sandy beaches near Ocean City and the city of Baltimore, which is only 64 km from Washington DC, are particularly interesting for tourists. Water determines the appearance of the state. Not only is the Atlantic coast distinctive, there are also around 3,200 miles of riverside. Crabs, clams and oysters were and are one of the most important foods. Baltimore is also the largest city in the state with around 800,000 residents, while the capital Annapolis only has around 34,000 residents.


The Inner Harbor has become the city’s main attraction. The Baltimore Maritime Museum, Harborplace, Maryland Science Center, National Aquarium and much more can be reached via the promenade. Water taxis connect the individual points around the port.

The capital of Maryland is 50 km south of Baltimore and offers a historic town center that is well worth seeing. The main attraction is the US Naval Academy, the training facility for naval officers, with a visitor center and tours.

Chesapeake & Ohio Canal National Historical Park
A canal, largely unchanged since 1828, built to connect Washington DC with Pittsburgh. Barge rides pulled by mules. The Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Trail runs 184 miles from Cumberland to Georgetown near Washington DC It is an ideal route for cycling, especially in the end at Georgetown (shady).

Ocean City
The more than 10 miles long Atlantic beach and the beach bustle attract around half a million visitors every summer weekend.

Traffic rules

All passengers in the car must wear seat belts, and a child seat is required for children under 4 years of age or under 40 pounds. Helmets are mandatory for the driver and front passenger on the motorcycle.


The sales tax is 5 percent. In addition, accommodation and entertainment taxes of 1 to 13 percent can be levied regionally (lodging and amusement tax).

To phone

When making local calls, the area code must be dialed in addition to the seven-digit subscriber number in Maryland.

Welcome centers

Open from Memorial Day to Labor Day from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., otherwise from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. closed on January 1st, Easter, Thanksgiving and December 25th.

  • I-68 heading east from the western Virginia border
  • I-68 going east and west at Hancock
  • I-70 east and west between Hagerstown and Frederick
  • US 13 in north direction near Newburg
  • US 15 south of the Pennsylvania border
  • I-95 north and south near Savage
  • I-95 north and south near Perryville
  • State House in Annapolis

Public Holidays

  • January 1st
  • February 12th, Lincoln’s Birthday
  • 3rd Monday in February, Washington’s Birthday
  • March 25th, Maryland Day
  • Good Friday, Good Friday
  • last Monday in May, Memorial Day
  • July 4th
  • first Monday in September, Labor Day
  • September 12th, Defender’s Day
  • 2nd Monday in October, Columbus Day
  • November 11th, Veteran’s Day
  • Thanksgiving, the fourth Thursday of November
  • 25 December


The climate is maritime-warm temperate with frequent precipitation, the highest monthly mean is 31 degrees, the lowest -4 degrees.

Baltimore, Maryland