Brazil Culture

Brazil Culture

Typically Brazil?!

What is typical for Brazil? What do Brazilians particularly like? Carnival, samba and football are certainly part of it. Maybe you have heard of Capoeira before? This is a martial art from Brazil that you can now learn from us.


Samba is music that comes from Brazil. The samba developed from the music that the African slaves brought with them from their homeland. Samba is very much determined by the rhythm of the drums. Samba is also a dance that is danced to samba music. What we teach as Samba, however, is its own, simplified further development. Samba musicians and dancers are an indispensable part of the carnival in Brazil. Here you can hear a samba from 1932!


Carnival is celebrated in many countries and here too, but the carnival in Brazil is known all over the world. Above all, it is the Carnival in Rio, that is, Rio de Janeiro. The parade of the samba schools is one of the biggest festivals in the world. Each samba school performs with its dancers and musicians, there are colorfully decorated floats. The parade takes place on a specially built grandstand street, the Sambódromo.

Six samba schools each take place on Carnival Sunday and Monday. Every samba school has 3000 to 5000 participants and several floats! The entire parade is a competition in which the samba schools collect points for their performance. The winners are announced and celebrated on Ash Wednesday.


Soccer is the most popular sport in Brazil and the Brazilian soccer team is considered one of the best in the world. Brazil has already won the soccer World Cup five times, namely in 1958, 1962, 1970, 1994 and 2002. Perhaps you know one of the famous soccer players from Brazil like Pelé, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho or Kaká? It is typical for Brazil that these stars are referred to by short names or nicknames. The 2014 World Cup took place in their own country, but Germany became world champions after defeating Brazil 7-1 in the semi-finals.


Capoeira is a martial art from Brazil. It was developed by the black slaves. They were forbidden to carry weapons and so they developed Capoeira for self-defense. Acrobatics and dance are elements that are part of Capoeira. So you can call it a kind of fight dance, especially since music is traditionally played during the fights. In the meantime, Capoeira has become popular with the whole population and we have also been able to learn it for several years.

Brazil Culture

Everyday Life

Everyday life in Brazil

How do people in Brazil live? What distinguishes you, what is your everyday life like? To get more information on Brazil and America, check equzhou.


In Brazil you have a different approach to time. Punctuality is not very important, you take your time and go to a counter, to the restaurant or to the bus stop with a lot of patience. Wherever you have to wait, you stand in line and have a chat with the other people waiting… You are calm and you wait patiently. You never come to an appointment on time!

It can be loud!

Brazilians love children. Sometimes two eyes are closed. Children are allowed to be loud, because noise is omnipresent anyway. Music booms from all shops and from many apartments, because it is simply part of life. Zest for life is also expressed by the fact that Brazilians love to party. It’s not just the carnival that is celebrated lively.


When you go shopping in Brazil, you pay with the real. That’s the name of the currency here. Four reals are roughly one euro. The prices in the supermarket fluctuate more than ours, so milk becomes more and more expensive in winter. You can also go shopping in the market and at the many street stalls. People like to have a chat everywhere, because you want to know how the baker is doing and of course his wife and children too!


The families are large and often they all live under one roof. Not just mom, dad and the children, but also grandma, grandpa, aunt and uncle. Football and samba are always an issue and are also part of everyday life for Brazilians. And finally: television. Telenovelas are popular across the country. These television series are broadcast daily.