Casio G-Shock GB-X 6900: Practice Test the Bluetooth Smartwatch

Who needs even a watch if the Smartphone also shows the time? It will be interesting but, when the clock takes over the functions of the mobile phone or controls: A Smartwatch. These clocks connect the Smartphone and inform about new messages or missed calls. Unfortunately, the battery life like on Samsung’s Galaxy gear is usually limited to only a few days. Casio’s G-shock GB-X 6900 goes with a term of about two years sooner than normal watch through.


The design of GB-X 6900 is based on the classic DW-6900. Four buttons and a huge switch for the lighting directly under the display. A lot has changed in the dial but. The numbers are greater, once connected the Bluetooth icon appears top left and texts and an animated character are the top right display. The display is also significantly better readable.

Casio G-shock Smartwatch GB-X 6900

Connection through Bluetooth

The GB-X 6900 supports Bluetooth 4.0. To date only iPhone 4, iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S4 combine with the clock. Casio praised improvement. A long press of the button right above enable Bluetooth, which connect to the phone. Emails, SMS or calls to run as a ticker message right up through where the day is normally.

Classic features

At the core is the GB-X 6900 a G-shock: water resistant to 200 meters (exactly 20 bar up to 190 metres), robust housing, alarm, stopwatch, timer and world time. This all functions via the Smartphone app can be set. Practical: Adjust the vibrating alarm individually, depending on the type of notification.

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Everyday test

The pairing quickly via the app. In Powersave mode, it can take up to two minutes until once again establishes the connection between Smartphone and watch. For the battery to last longer. Set clock or cell phone, acoustically noticeable is the missing device on request. The clock music track on your Smartphone can the side buttons skip or pause. Annoying: For new E-Mails appear, you must establish again the email accounts in the Casio app. But not every provider is supported. To date, it worked only with addresses with the endings. The clock without further Konteneingabe shows Twitter and Facebook updates. Applies for all notifications: there is only an indication of the novelty, not the content itself

Conclusion: Casio G-shock GB-X 6900

Who gets excited about G-shocks, could for a GB-X 6900 a charming extension be: in addition to the usual features like waterproof robustness and eye-catching design, the display is just fine. The Bluetooth connection allows a convenient setting of the clock. Real, smart connect to the Smartphone is but modest and little more than a gimmick. Also lacking (yet) supported phones and E-Mail providers.