Atlantic City

Atlantic City Travel Guide

Atlantic City is a popular tourist town along the east coast of the United States, which despite having just under 50,000 people in the city, attracts many millions of tourists every single year. This is primarily due to the fact that the city has an extensive gambling environment, as one of the few states in […]

Hoover Dam

Attractions in Las Vegas

Unlike many other tourist cities, Las Vegas is not known for its traditional sights and historic buildings. On the other hand, it is an entertainment city of dimensions, and it should be well done to get bored here. The Strip The world-famous main street in Las Vegas just goes by the name “The Strip” and […]

Las Vegas

Hotels in Las Vegas

Recommended hotels in Las Vegas Accommodation in Las Vegas is almost the best part of the stay – here the standard of the hotels is generally very high, and the price level of accommodation is relatively cheap in relation to what you get. You can get a luxurious suite on the 30th floor for around […]


Houston Travel Guide

Houston is the fourth largest city in the United States, and the largest in the southern half of the country. It is located in the state of Texas, where it also serves as the state capital. The city is known for everything from space travel to medicine and research, and has a very rich history. […]

Las Vegas Strip

Las Vegas Travel Guide

Las Vegas, the entertainment capital of the world and the city that never sleeps. A vacation trip to Las Vegas is guaranteed not to be boring. Millions of tourists from all over the world flock to Las Vegas every year. People travel here to play in the many casinos, to watch spectacular shows that are […]

Pennsylvania Geography and Economy

Pennsylvania is a federal state founded by William Penn in the eastern United States of America and one of its thirteen founding states. The official name is Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Together with New York and New Jersey, Pennsylvania is assigned to the Central Atlantic States. The name literally means “Penn’s woodland ” (lat. Silva “forest” […]

Alabama Seal

Alabama Geography and Economy

Area 135,293 km² Residents 4,863,300 Residents per km² 35.9 Capital Montgomery Postal Code AL ISO-3166-2 code US-AL FIPS code 01 Also known as Yellowhammer State / The Cotton State / The Heart of Dixie, Alabama is short for AL with a population of 4,447,100. According to Countryaah, the capital city of Alabama is Montgomery and […]

Arizona Seal

Arizona Geography and Economy

Arizona is a state in the southwest of the United States ; the abbreviation is AZ. Arizona is nicknamed Grand Canyon State. Its capital is Phoenix. Area 295,254 km² Residents 6,931,071 Residents per km² 23.5 Capital Phoenix Postal Code AZ ISO-3166-2 code US-AZ FIPS code 04 Also known as Grand Canyon State, Arizona is short […]