Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR)

Airport address: Newark Liberty International Airport, Building One, Newark, NJ 07114 Current: The new Terminal One building is to replace Terminal A by 2022. Terminal One will also have a parking garage. The Air Train system at Newark Airport is to be replaced by a new system by 2026 . Information: Switch of the Travelers Aid -Hilfsdienstes are located in the terminals A […]

New York cityscape

New York City Travel Guide

City Overview of New York City New York has always been a cosmopolitan city, and its multicultural residents, who speak over 80 languages ​​together, give this mega-city an energy that is as lively and captivating as it is portrayed in numerous films. With more than 18,000 restaurants, 150 world-class museums and over 10,000 shops selling brand […]

Statue of Liberty, New York City

Attractions in New York City

Attractions in New York City American Museum of the Moving Image The American Museum of the Moving Image, dedicated to film, television, video and interactive media, is a true Mecca for the film lover. Classic films are shown daily at Tut’s Fever Movie Palace, cinema films are shown on weekdays in the Riklis Theater and interactive […]

Brooklyn Bridge, New York City

City Tours and Excursions in New York City

City tours Helicopter tours Gray Line New York Tours offers 24 different tours with different means of transportation. The 10-minute helicopter tour of A Bird’s Eye View gives a bird’s eye view of the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building and Central Park. Tel: (212) 397 26 20 (Gray Line New York Tours) Website: Boat tours Circle Line Sightseeing Cruises is the only […]

New York City street signs

Things to Do in New York City

Golf The American Golf Corporation (Internet: is the largest golf course management company in the world and offers over 70 golf courses worldwide as well as numerous courses in New York City, including the Clearview Golf Club, 202-12 Willets Point Blvd (Tel: (718) 225 46 53). The Golf Club at Chelsea Piers (Tel: (212) 336 […]

Famous yellow taxis of New York City

Transportation in New York City

Public transportation The Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) – New York City Transit (Tel: (718) 330 12 34., which offers cheaper and more efficient services than that, is responsible for public transport in New York many private companies that also exist. The New York Subway (subway) is fast, air-conditioned, extremely cheap and much safer than expected (however, you should avoid it at night if […]

Apartment building in Manhattan, New York City

New York City Restaurants

Our selection includes 9 restaurants, which we have divided into 3 categories: expensive, moderate and inexpensive. The restaurants are listed alphabetically within these categories. This division is only intended as a guide, it is by no means official categories. If you want to eat in a very specific restaurant in New York, make a reservation in good time. It is quite […]

Brooklyn Bridge by night, New York City

New York City Nightlife

The hustle and bustle of New York city life does not subside even at night, and there are hundreds of nightclubs, jazz pubs, discos and bars all over the city. Generally the nightlife is in New York very diverse, but the entertainment area focuses on very specific places. Times Square, once a little disreputable, is currently experiencing […]

Times Square, New York City

Events in New York City

New York Jazz Fest At the New York Winter Jazz Fest, 70 bands and singers perform in different locations in the city. Date: January 8, 2020 – January 18, 2020 Location: Various venues in the city. Website: Admission: With admission fee. Chinese New Year Parade The Lunar New Year celebrations take place every year in Chinatown. Visitors can expect […]