Wind River Mountains Oil Painting

Wyoming Cities, Climate and Sights

The US state of Wyoming is located in the western United States in the Rocky Mountains region. The name comes from the Algonquin Indians and means “large, flat area”. Wyoming is bordered by Montana to the north, South Dakota and Nebraska to the east, Colorado to the south, and Utah and Idaho to the west. […]

Haus in Wisconsin

Wisconsin Cities, Climate and Sights

The US state of Wisconsin is located in the northern part of the USA. Wisconsin is bordered by Lake Superior and Michigan to the north, Lake Michigan to the east, Illinois to the south, and Iowa and Minnesota to the west. Almost six million people live here in the state, about as many as in […]

state of West Virginia

West Virginia Cities, Climate and Sights

The US state of West Virginia is located in the eastern United States in the Appalachian Mountains. Its nickname is “Mountain State” because the state is entirely in the mountains, incidentally the only one of the 50 states where this is the case. The capital is Charleston and is located at the confluence of the […]

Washington State

Washington Cities, Climate and Sights

Washington State is located in the northwest of the United States on the Pacific coast. In terms of area, Washington ranks 18th among US states at 184,666 square kilometers, about half the size of Germany, which has 357,050 km². Liuxers: List of Federal school codes for educational institutions located in Washington. Includes FAFSA codes in […]

Working mill in Virginia

Virginia Cities, Climate and Sights

The US state of Virginia is located in the east of the USA on the Atlantic coast. The state is also called “Mother of the Presidents” because eight presidents of the USA come from Virginia. More than eight million people live here in an area of ​​110,785 km². Called Richmond, the capital is centrally located […]

Autumn mood in Indian Summer in Vermont

Vermont Cities, Climate and Sights

The US state of Vermont is located in the eastern north of the USA, the part that is also called New England, but has no direct access to the Atlantic. Vermont is bordered by Canada to the north, New York to the west, Massachusetts to the south, and New Hampshire to the east. About 626,000 […]

Utah's capital, Salt Lake City

Utah Cities, Climate and Sights

The US state of Utah is located in the Midwest and is part of the Mountains Region. Its nickname “beehive” is explained by the fact that the founding Mormons immediately made the industrious beehive a symbol of the territory. The Ute Indians, who still live there today, gave the state of Utah its name. However, […]

Austin, capital of Texas

Texas Cities, Climate and Sights

The US state of Texas is located in the south-central United States. Coming in second, Texas is smaller at 695,621 km² than Alaska, which is way ahead at 1,717,854 km². Texas also has to fit when it comes to population figures, with around 25 million fewer people living here than in California, which holds first […]

Mountain view in Tennessee

Tennessee Cities, Climate and Sights

The US state of Tennessee is one of the southern states. Incidentally, the name comes from Tanasi, the name of an Indian settlement on the Tennessee River. One of the nicknames of the state is “Volunteer State”. It dates from the time of the British-American War, in which numerous citizens of Tennessee fought as volunteers […]

Mount Rushmore Monument in South Dakota

South Dakota Cities, Climate and Sights

South Dakota is one of the north western states of the USA. South Dakota is bordered by North Dakota to the north, Minnesota and Iowa to the east, Nebraska to the south, and Wyoming and Montana to the west. The largest city is Sioux Falls with 154,000 inhabitants, the capital is Pierre with about 14,000 […]