Coffee Chain Starbucks Supports Passbook on iPhone

Now the coffee chain Starbucks also ready with support for Passbook in their iPhone application.

The popular us coffee chain Starbucks has added Passbook support in their iPhone application. It writes our site.

Starbucks customers can use the application to gift cards and use QR codes on your phone to prompt payment for food and water, and thus they don’t hassle with cash and credit cards.

Thus be Passbook for the digital wallet and exploited so full of Starbucks, which probably is why Apple uses them in the marketing of Passbook.

Passbook is designed to help users get gift certificates, tickets and the like directly on the lock screen, and thus will be made aware of when they are near a place where they have a gift certificate to. So is the 50 meters from a Starbucks they will get a “warning/reminder” if they have a gift card – hence they can then decide for themselves whether they want to use this or just go ahead. They choose to go further will this disappear again until they are again approaching a Starbucks.

Passbook has only just become “public” since iOS 6 became available on 19. September, but already now includes Passbook, among other things, Ticketmaster, Fandango, American Airlines, United Airlines, Lufthansa, Major League Baseball, EVENTBRITE and McDonalds (tested in France) – Passbook solutions are just now restricted in Denmark.

You can download the Starbucks iPhone app free in the US App Store.