state of Delaware

Delaware Cities, Climate and Sights

The state of Delaware is located on the east coast of the USA, directly on the Atlantic Ocean. The tax haven of Delaware borders Pennsylvania to the north and Maryland to the south. Delaware is also known for its many mailbox addresses. It’s a good place for companies to be based in the US but still save on taxes.

  • Liuxers: List of Federal school codes for educational institutions located in Delaware. Includes FAFSA codes in the state of Delaware.

The US state of Delaware

Flag of the US state of Delaware

state of Delaware

Incidentally, Delaware was the first state to join the United States Confederation in 1787.

As the second smallest state in the USA, Delaware is home to around 900,000 residents in an area of ​​just 6,447 km². See Delaware counties list.

The median age of Delaware residents is 38.8 years, compared to 35.2 years in California.

The capital of Delaware is Dover with 36,000 inhabitants.

The Delaware flag depicts a farmer and a hunter, as well as cattle and a ship, describing the essential forms of labor of the people of that time.

Freedom and independence connect the two actors in the picture, which are supposed to be the catchphrases of the state that one has “written on the flag”.

The Largest Cities of Delaware

  1. Wilmington (71,000)
  2. Dover(36,000)
  3. Newark
  4. Middletown
  5. Smyrna
  6. Milford
  7. Seaford
  8. george town
  9. Elsmere (6,200)

Climate Delaware

In terms of climate and weather, Delaware is fairly balanced. The average temperatures vary between -5 and 25 degrees. The coastal climate influenced by the Atlantic extends to the west coast of the second smallest state in the USA.

Similar to Holland, in Delaware you can enjoy the seasons in flat coastal areas, in summer it doesn’t get too warm and in winter there is hardly any snow. The residents of nearby Washington DC are also drawn to the beaches in Delaware in the summer.

Delaware AG specifics

According to Wikipedia and the UK Tax Justice Network, Delaware is the most popular tax haven in the world based on jurisdiction, legislation and deposit inflow.

What sounds almost unbelievable is that you can set up your company there completely anonymously and without share capital with just one person on the board, accompanied by very low taxes.

Not even the necessary meetings of the board of directors or comparable committees have to be held in Delaware, but you can do it comfortably at home with a beer, publication obligation: of course, this also does not apply to the so-called Delaware-AG.

Delaware landmarks

The popular hotel search and reviewer Holidaycheck alone currently finds over 100 hotels in the state of Delaware, many at moderate prices. But what awaits the traveler in terms of sights?

The small city center of the capital Dover is one of the interesting highlights next to the Delaware State Museum. But the Old State House, built in 1791 in the Gregorian style, also invites you to visit, and it is also free to visit.

The city’s first courthouse, the New Castle Court House Museum in the town of the same name, was built in 1732. It also houses the Johnson Victrola Museum, dedicated to the founder and pioneer of a gramophone company.

The Zwaanendael Museum in Lewes was created by the first Dutch immigrants in 1631 and offers an insight into the historical customs of the time. The website of the local government in Delaware offers information about their opening hours and the exhibitions currently on offer.

An Amish settlement in the west of the capital Dover is also worth seeing and experiencing, the people there live without any modern machines or means of communication. They lead their lives as we know it from the film “The Only Witness” with Harrison Ford.

You can get to know the country better along Route 9 and visit one or the other pretty stretch of beach.