Demillus Presents Your Swimwear Collection Summer

Stylish models, following the latest trends in the world of swimwear, mark the coleçãoque came to rock.

Success on the catwalks and clothes in General, ruffled top and appearing in bathing suit; the tropical and floral prints give color and joy to the parts, and the top cropped style, which marked its presence last summer, has been redesigned and promises a presence also in the academies and on the streets. Made in polyester elastane Beach, the models are stylish, comfortable and sexy.

Lavishing style, the Top Frill neckline with Palm ciganinha style can be used with the pants Fru-Fru, shaped to lift the butt, or Hot Pants Pants Palm tree. The Elongated Top brings the trendy cropped style, pleasing women tuned the fashion world and marking presence on beaches around the world.

With cropped top, top, swimsuit with high neckline triangle top, pants with straps on the sides and pants fru-fru, plus beach items, the Zig Zag line, comes to rock! The Top High Zig Zag cropped style, promises to make success outside of the beaches or swimming pools. The Top Strip proposes the versatility: enables several different anchor points, according to the will of each one. The Swimsuit Zig Zag with high front and mooring on the back certainly will also from the beach to the streets. The Fru-Fru Pants comes with the butt lift effect and pants Tied fits to the body in a practical way and sexy. Completing, the departure of Zig Zag Beach, made of polyamide crepe, can also be used as dress or kimono.

Very charming, Chess has chess mix and floral print. The Hot Pants Pants chess is a charm and comes with mooring on the sides that allows the perfect fit to the body, and pants with Draped is pure comfort. Two top models complete the line: the Top with Rim comes with molded foam and frame, and the Top Comfort, no foam and rimless, as its name indicates, is super comfortable and allows mooring in the neck or back.

The line printed with Hibiscus cheerful and bright colors come to color the beach, the pool and the street. The Frill one piece swimsuit Hibiscus has ciganinha neckline and a powerful frill; the Top has Hibiscus and frame moulded foam cups; the Frill Pants comes with a charming frilled at the sides.