Does the Bra Strap Bother You? Find an Alternative

Choosing the right model provides more support and comfort.

The pain and discomfort caused by the bra strap are fairly common problems among women, especially those with fuller breasts. Buying the intimate part correctly is the most effective way to eliminate the problem.

More than providing aesthetic beauty, choosing the right bra allows better distribution of breast weight, avoiding a greater pressure on the back and shoulders. Suffering from the problem? So be sure to check out the following tips.

Solve problems with bra strap

Choose the right type

Choosing the correct bra is very important for good  support, providing more comfort and convenience on a day to day basis. Too small models tend to tighten and even compromise the look. Those who are very large do not fit the body and do nothing to prevent back pressure.

The correct thing is that the frame is fitted underneath the breasts, fitting comfortably to the rib cage. The strips serve to  fit the part  to the body and not necessarily to support it. The bra strap should lie straight on the chest and back.

Each  body type  needs a specific model. Specialized stores already offer different numbers of  bulge, handle and circumference. The ideal is to try different pieces to find the one that best suits your biotype.

Raise the handle

It is common for women to buy a new bra and do not adjust the strap for their own body. Some people have  longer shoulders  than others, so the handle needs to be increased. There is no use in diminishing it to “lift your breasts”: you should choose an appropriate model.

Avoid very thin straps

For women with large breasts, the tip is not to wear these  bra models. When choosing items with the thicker strips, the weight ends up being divided along the body, avoiding that the  skin of the shoulders  finish marked and sore.

Use silicone shoulder pads

If, even buying the correct bra size, you still suffer from pain, another option is to invest in silicone shoulder pads, which offer more comfort and convenience. You glue the product to the skin and wrap around the handle, avoiding friction.

Consequences of improper bra

The industry offers a slew of new models every season, following the major trends of intimate fashion. However, more than a beautiful piece, the correct bra is a way to improve health and well-being. The adoption of improper parts contributes to  spinal problems, causing pain and injury.

In addition, a study published in the British newspaper Daily Mail states that the use of a very tight bra is also associated with problems such as  rashes, tendonitis, headache, indigestion and irritable bowel syndrome. So pay attention to the model you are wearing and make sure it fits you comfortably. 

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