Fort Myers, Florida

Fort Myers, Florida

Those looking for the ultimate holiday feeling would do well to visit Fort Myers. Located in the southwest of the state of Florida, right on the sea, the small town is a true paradise. With its pearly white beaches and the sky blue sky, Fort Myers lives up to the expectations you have of the state of Florida! The wonderful temperature makes Fort Myers a good place to be all year round. You can relax there, but if you feel like more adventure, Everglades National Park is also nearby!

5 attractions in Fort Myers

Of course you can relax in Fort Myers, but there is also plenty to do and see. Fort Meyers is known for the winter residences of Thomas Edison and Henry Ford, the Southwest Florida Museum and the festivals. Below you can read about these must-visit tips!

1. Edison and Ford Winter Estates

According to Bestitude, the state of Florida is loved by retirees who want to escape the cold winters in the north. They are often referred to as ‘snowbirds’ by the locals. And while they may not know it themselves, two of the oldest and best-known snowbirds are none other than Thomas Edison and Henry Ford. They both chose a large house in Fort Myers to spend the winter. These houses are right next to each other and now function as a museum. It is definitely recommended to visit the houses of these historical figures. Experience the luxury and grandeur of the Gilded Age and the Roaring Twenties for yourself! In addition, the estate also has a botanical garden, laboratory and a museum. You can join a guided tour or wander the estate yourself.

2. Southwest Florida Museum of History

If you want to take a break from tanning on the beach, you can visit the Southwest Florida Museum of History. Here you can learn about the history of the region. The museum is located in a former train station. There are often exhibitions that cover a large period of history, from the prehistoric era to the first Indian tribes and from the Spanish occupation in the colonial era to the reconstruction in the early nineteenth century. The museum is open every day. Walking tours through the center are also organized in spring.

3. Art

If you’re an art lover, Fort Myers is definitely the place for you! In addition to its beaches, the town is also known for its galleries, boutiques and art centers. Especially in the River District you can soak up the local culture. Here is Sidney and Berne Davis Art Center, which hosts all kinds of art-related events, including various exhibitions and concerts. There are also art walks in this district every Friday evening. After an educational walk you can settle down at one of the many restaurants in the area for a nice bite to eat.

4. Festivals

Fort Myers also regularly hosts festivals with a variety of themes. After all, the area is perfect for a fun event! One of the most famous festivals is the Thomas Edison Festival of Light. This festival lasts for several days, with the highlights being a large light parade and a vintage car show. ArtFest is held at the beginning of February, where all kinds of arts are exhibited. In the fall, the American Sand Sculpting and Beach Festival is held. Large parts of the beach are then filled with the most beautiful sand sculptures. There is also plenty to do throughout the rest of the year; from craft workshops to concerts.

5. Lee County Manatee Park

If you visit Fort Myers in the winter months, Lee County Manatee Park is a must. This park is a warm water bath for manatees. A manatee is a marine animal and family of the manatee. The manatees use this park as a kind of refuge when the water in the Gulf of Mexico gets too cold. The park is free to enter, you just have to pay to park. There is also a butterfly garden in the park. It is an ideal outing for the whole family, as there are also plenty of picnic areas and playgrounds. If you wish, the park also offers guided tours on request.

Frequently Asked Questions about Fort Myers – Sanibel- Captiva

How do I get to Fort Myers?

Unfortunately, there is no direct flight to Fort Myers from the Netherlands. You will then have to transfer. Fort Myers is therefore often visited during a tour in Florida. Fort Myers is easy to reach by car via the Florida Turnpike.

What to do in Fort Myers?

Fort Myers has something for everyone: you can relax here, but if you like culture and history, you’re in the right place too. Fort Myers is also a good base to visit Everglades National Park.

Where can you stay in Fort Myers?

This of course depends on your budget, but a requirement is almost to stay close to the beach. You then have plenty of choice, from luxury resorts to budget-proof bed and breakfasts.

What’s the weather like in Fort Myers?

The great thing about Florida is that the weather is nice all year round due to the subtropical climate, although you should therefore also take possible tropical storms into account in the autumn. In winter it is very pleasant with a temperature around 25 °C. In the summer months it is a lot warmer and the temperature can sometimes rise to 35 °C.

Fort Myers, Florida