Gathering Sky We Encouraged to Go Heaven Simulating a Flock of Birds

There are games on Android that sometimes are difficult to fit the theme. Titles that seek to offer a different experience and that offers us only in genres that is difficult to categorize controls. Gathering Sky It is a good example of this because our goal in the game is to form a group of migratory birds that crosses the sky.

Yes, you read correctly. Our mission in this Simulator will be organize a flock of birds and see how fly to go collecting other brothers to grow the group. A relaxing experience that invites us to enjoy the graphics and music as we explore the space surrounding us.

Gathering Sky doesn’t have any great purpose. In fact, there was a mission as such while our goal is to make flocks of large birds. We can go in small groups and simply be guided by the experience of flying and the refined appearance that the guys of To Stranger Creativity have created. It reminds me a little of when you cafees libertas and do missions in Ecco The Dolphin.

We will go on flying all kinds of scenarios with colors changing as we move. Music will also have a very important role: the issues have been interpreted by the Conservatory of music in San Francisco. Only by this, the quality is immense, deserves a lot worth doing with him.

Its creators recommend that we play in a seven or ten-inch tablet to enjoy all the details of the Gathering Sky. I’ve tried it on a Mobile 5.7-inch, and in my case It has been more than enough to relax a hang out and enjoy one of the most interesting and different games that Google Play has in its catalogue.

You’ll if you want an adventure that will help us to relax. Nothing matches short, noise and a lot of graphic effects. He knows how to convey tranquility and peace, perfect to disconnect for a while. Its price, by the way, is of 3,32 EUR.

Gathering Sky Games simulated

  • Price: 3,32 EUR
  • Developer: To Stranger Creativity
  • Download: Google Play