Gigaset SL930A: Landline Phone with Smartphone Features and Wi-Fi Connection

The Gigaset SL930A

Brings Smartphone-comfort in the fixed-line telephony. The phone can be operated via the 3.2-inch capacitive touch display. If you already have an Android Smartphone, you need to convert is not in terms of operation, because the SL930A is 4.0 with Android (ice cream sandwich) equipped. This makes possible the use of additional programs, games and eBooks for the first time also with a landline phone. Download new apps from the Google play store to customize the phone to your needs. This is done by the Gigaset WLAN through your router. The major apps are already pre-installed.

Multimedia with the landline

The SL930A enables also surf the Internet as you know it from your Smartphone. The display 8.1 cm diagonal screen with 320 x 480 pixels is large enough for viewing photos or videos. Who more frequently on the phone abroad, also has the possibility to use with the SL930A Skype. The phone however has no camera, video calls are not possible. The Android address book allows more than 2,000 entries in form of vCards and synchronization with other phone books and accounts. Also calendar and emails can be via the Google cloud with Smartphone or notebook match.

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the internal memory of the phone is four gigabytes in size, this only 1.5 gigabytes available are the user. Fortunately, memory via microSD card can be upgraded with additional 32 gigabytes. An additional connection option is given with a micro-USB connector. An additional plus: the integrated answering machine enables voice recordings up to 55 minutes in length. The SL930A works according to the ECO DECT standard low-radiation phone calls at low power consumption is possible. Advantage of the fixed-line cordless phone: the lithium-ion battery enables a talk time of up to 140 hours can no other smartphone to keep up. The Android phone to come in September for 200 euros on the market.