Google Nexus One-large Touchscreen And 1 GHz Processor And Android OS

Google nexus one: many expectations and rumors make the appearance of the Google nexus one especially exciting. What can it do? Other Smartphone can match that? What will it cost? What has improved with Google Android 2.1? Questions about questions. You can answer the most so far only with rumor and vague speculation: the Smartphone should be only for purchase in the spring of 2010.

The rumors are true or are already sure?

Using the advanced Google maps, there is some speculation. The Google nexus one should it be integrated as standard – so far, so good. But what can the software? You can get voice looking for a landmark close to, to get there as schnnell: congestion and

other traffic are always incorporated into the planning. Also the opinions that it is possible identify a tourist attraction based on made photo to let settle into. These two functions are particularly useful for vacations, business trips or other unknown places.

To get more Google components: with the Smartphone you can just browse a category, such as pizza. And succeeding pizzerias are displayed nearby and can be searched with Google Street view exactly. Very pleasant to look at will be the images on the 3.7-inch AMOLED touch screen – one of the largest touch screens of all smartphones at all. The resolution of 480 x 800 pixels of the touch screen display of the Google nexus one is also not just by poor parents. The Navigation, scrolling, and operating the menu runs smoothly and is beautifully animated – particularly strong also because of the possible 2-finger gestures.Still one of the first ever that supports multimedia functions is the touch screen from the House of HTC.

Yet the new W-LAN is also accentuate N: the Google nexus one is the first phone ever that will be equipped with this technology. The transfer rate will be much faster thanks to various stations as previous connections.

Hardly an another mobile phone or Smartphone was before its release so much duskutiert and hot erwaretet like that Google nexus one. Planned originally as a Christmas present for the employees, which will set new standards among the Smartphones to nexus one; yet become standard features come to the above functions:

Declared almost as standard, a 5-megapixel camera is of course at the Google nexus one just on board such as HSPA, UMTS and Bluetooth and USB. However he fell out rather disappointing MediaPlayer in some tests. The few settings as well as the partially even tinny sound are actually not on the agenda for a Smartphone at this high price level.

In contrast is the processor equipped with a full GHz of the Google nexus one it all the more impressive. A second Mirko Phon on the back of the Smartphoneis also new: This serves any background noises can be detected and thus filtered out. How well this technology really works, will turn out but still with time. Also not quite as well cut off has the lighting of camera: the range is too low.

Who should buy the Smartphone?

A clear target group is the Google nexus one not defined. First and foremost hip people who prefer old models like modern technology and it’s like, to invest much time in technical devices. For travelers or a lot on the way advantages succeeding businessmen rewarding the many innovations in the field of navigation. It is also faster than other smart phonesnexus one. A special feature is yet to mention: on request, up to 50 characters can be engraved into the back of the Smartphone for free, you have to take the waiting time in buying only an extension.

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And what else can the Google phone?