Grenada landmarks

Grenada Travel Guide

Granada [grə ne ɪ da], East Caribbean island state of the Windward Islands (Lesser Antilles) having (2018) 111,500 population; The capital is Saint George’s. Grenada comprises the island of Grenada (305 km 2) and the southern Grenadines, the largest of which are Carriacou (32 km 2), Ronde (3 km 2) and Petit Martinique (2 km 2).


The islands belong to the inner, volcanic arc of the Eastern Caribbean. The island of Grenada is mountainous (in Mount Saint Catherine 840 m above sea level) with remnants of the original tropical rainforest. The tropical climate is influenced by the northeast trade winds, with annual rainfall between 1,500 mm (on the coast) and over 5,000 mm (in the mountains) on the main island (rainy season: June to December). The average temperature is 28 ° C. Tropical cyclones continue to cause major damage; In 2004 and 2005, large parts of the island were completely devastated.

Grenada entry requirements

is a general requirement for traveling to Grenada. The passport (or the temporary passport) must be valid for at least 6 months beyond the planned length of stay. UK nationals can also enter Grenada with a birth certificate, voter card, driver’s license, or social security card (two of these documents are required).

Citizens of Germany, Austria and Switzerland do not need a visa for tourist trips with a maximum stay of 12 months in Grenada. When entering Grenada, officials usually issue a residence permit for four weeks. This can be extended later at the responsible immigration office. Air travelers must be able to show an onward or return ticket upon entry.

Entry with children:
For accompanying children, the same visa requirements apply as for their parents. Every child needs their own travel document, which is valid for at least 6 months beyond the planned stay. Minors traveling alone in Grenada should have an officially certified declaration of consent from their parents / guardians.

Germany: the German child ID card with photo or your own passport is accepted. Child ID cards are no longer issued in Germany, existing child ID cards remain valid until the expiry date. If a child is to enter Grenada with a child ID card, the child must be accompanied by a guardian.

Austria: children need their own passport.

Switzerland: Children need their own passport.

Adequate funds:
Foreign visitors must have sufficient funds for their trip.

Vaccinations: You can find
detailed information on recommended and required vaccinations for traveling to Grenada in the chapter Grenada – Health and Diseases.

Entry with pets:
A health certificate and an import permit from the Government Veterinarian at St George’s are required to bring pets.

Grenada landmarks

Grenada is the southernmost of the islands over the wind. The islands are ideal for tourists to spend their vacation there, because they offer their visitors a variety of opportunities to spend their time sensibly. The island has a wide range of activities and many different sights.

If you are planning a beach holiday, you should definitely take a look at Grand Anse Beach, which is located in the southwest of the main island of Grenada. There is a great infrastructure here that is geared towards tourists, such as various hotels, restaurants, bars and lots of great shopping opportunities. Water sports enthusiasts will not miss out here either.

But if you are looking for peace and relaxation and have something against mass tourism, you should opt for another beach. Quiet beaches that are rarely visited by tourists are Morne Rouge Beach and Levera Beach, but there are also a few others.
Most of the beaches are ideal for snorkeling to explore the wonderful underwater world in the area. Around the main island and also Carriacou Island you have the opportunity to do dives to explore the underwater world, as well as various shipwrecks.

But there is also the possibility to explore many of the islands by boat. Chartering various types of watercraft, such as catamarans, yachts or even small sailing ships, is not a problem in most places in Grenada. Many charter companies also offer the accompaniment of expert staff.

Nature lovers will also get their money’s worth on Grenada. On the main island there are several national parks where the tourist can get to know the native flora and fauna. The most famous park is the Grand Etang.

Those interested in history should make a detour to the capital St. GeorgesCompanies. Here there is a mixture between Caribbean flair and European architecture from the colonial era. The city’s most popular attractions are the forts Georg and Frederik. From both forts you have a wonderful view over the city and the bay. Other attractions in the city include St. Andrews Church, the National Museum, the Carenage (a harbor street with lots of shops and interesting houses) and the 18th century warehouses.

In Gouyace you should have seen the Mabuya Fishermans Museum, as well as the nutmeg factory or the Dougaldston Estate plantation.

The Caribs Leafshave a sad story: the mass suicide of the Caribs took place here on the cliffs in 1650. On Grenada there are also some rum factories like the River Antoine Rum Destillery or Westerhall Rum Destillery that you can visit. During a tour you can also taste the delicious water.

Grenada landmarks