HTC HD 2 Stylus-Pen To The Smartphone With Windows Mobile 6.5!

On the Internet page Our site, there will be the pen stylus for HTC HD 2. However, you can put the PIN in the shopping cart and then the anticipation is already over. Since extra behind the article “Out of Stock” is, so not available. What is so special about a pen for the Smartphone from HTC?

A stylus for capacitive touch screens

The special feature of a such a pen like the HTC HD 2 stylus, as he calls himself on the above page, is the ability on a capacitive touch screen to work. By coating it is not possible on a capacitive touchscreen with gloves to operate but only by hand or with such specially developed Our site none are the stylus on the page to find product information. The HTC HD 2 stylus is supposed to have 20 euros by the alleged HTC partners for about.

The date for the distribution first pins for the HTC HD 2 should be now 12 days ago, on the made.Probably many pre-orders have entered it when before the release date, no stylus is to have more. There are already first pins for the touch screens by the Taiwanese company Dagi Ltd.. These should be even patented and also this company to be an official partner of HTC.

Convinced the HTC HD 2

As little spectacular details of these pins to the HTC HD 2 may be, the Smartphone convinces through and through. The large touch screen falls upon initial inspection directly in the eye. The touch screen is also significantly larger than that of many competing smartphones with 4.3 inch. The display diagonal amounted to nearly 11 centimeters. The resolution can be seen also with 480 × 800 pixels.

Faster processor for Windows

In the HTC HD 2 is a Qualcomn processor with 1 GHz clock installed. This ensures a fluid and fast use of the HTC HD 2. The Snapdragon processor provides also for a smooth handling with the HTC sense user interface. The operating system Windows Mobile 6.5 fits naturally super with the fast processor and requires even after such a.

Navigation faster with A-GPS, and good camera

Now almost every Smartphone offers GPS. The HTC HD 2 boasts A-GPS, which provides faster navigation and convinced the 5 megapixel with dual LED flash camera. The pictures and videos can be set without any problems on the Internet and upload on YouTube. The camera has everything what should bring a modern Smartphone camera with auto-focus and already mentioned built-in Flash.

The internal memory of 512 MB will not long enough for more frequent use of the camera for videos and photos. Fortunately, you can extend card up to 32 GB of memory via micro SD even whole Fotbibliotheken to create and save on the HTC HD 2. Here a small test report.


The equipment for mobile surfing on the HTC HD 2 is terrific. Not only Wi-Fi on board is also HSDPA for Super fast download may not be missing at a good UMTS support. As if that would not be enough HSUPA is also part of the game for the quick up-load of E-Mails, to be on the road arbeitstechnisch always up to date.

Office functions, no cuts must be made with the HTC HD 2. You can see Word and Excel documents with your Smartphone. Of course, E-mail through POP3 is available. Calendar and organizer may be not dispensed with a good mobile office.

The HTC HD 2 is designed for contact with friends. It touts but not so to can keep in touch via Facebook or MySpace but sees not as the possibility of communication behind the Internet portals, but rather sets the focus on the people with whom you would like to keep in touch. Therefore, is next to the images of to contact the person concerned the status, for example on Facebook, to see. Because it is active but not with them through such portals.

Of course, there’s the HTC HD 2 with Our site mobile phones buy cheap online. Convincing in design Smartphone with the masses is a Smartphone with extra class 120, 5 x 67 x 11 mm. In all functions, the HTC HD 2 exceeds the normal facilities and secures to the predicate “Extra class”. The Windows Mobile phone is without contract for 554,95 euro Our site phones online cheap buy. Treaty, it is already starting from 0 to acquire euro, for more information about the contracts are on the page Our site mobile phones buy online to find.

Who interested for this truncates operating system is like the HTC HD2 with Google Android, should look inside here. Also here there are rumors about the HTC Hero with Google Android operating system.