state of Illinois

Illinois Cities, Climate and Sights

The US state of Illinois with its almost 13 million inhabitants is surrounded by several other states in the middle east of the USA. Before the border with Canada is still north of Illinois Wisconsin.

To the west are Iowa and Missouri. The entire eastern half borders on Indiana and in the southern part the tip of the nose is still pointing towards neighboring Kentucky.

The best-known city in the area is certainly Chicago with around 2.7 million inhabitants, but the capital of the US state is the much smaller city of Springfield with 117,000 inhabitants.

  • Liuxers: List of Federal school codes for educational institutions located in Illinois. Includes FAFSA codes in the state of Illinois.

The US state of Illinois

The state flag of Illinois with the 13 founding states as stars in the banner coat of arms of the USA and the eagle, which is also the national symbol of the United States. See Illinois counties list.

state of Illinois

The largest cities in Illinois

  • Chicago (population 2,700,000)
  • aurora
  • Rockford
  • joliet
  • Naperville
  • Springfield
  • Peoria
  • Elgin
  • Waukegang
  • Cicero (84,000)

Climate and weather conditions

The climate in Illinois is predominantly characterized by warm to hot summers, in which it can sometimes become muggy during the day. Thanks to the often stronger winds coming from Lake Michigan, the weather is changeable. Tornadoes can also occur from March to June.

In winter, on the other hand, the temperatures sometimes drop below 10 degrees Celsius at night, and snow and ice can also occur in the state.

Only in southern Illinois is it milder, despite everything, the climate is continental. Chicago can certainly be visited all year round, otherwise the best time to travel to Illinois could be from the end of June to late September.

Illinois Landmarks


Chicago in Illinois

Chicago, as the largest city in Illinois, naturally has a plethora of things to offer the visitor.

Starting with the skyscrapers, Chicago has the tallest office complex in the USA with the Willis Tower, which reaches a height of 443 meters.

More skyscrapers as well as many museums, theaters, restaurants and pubs, gardens and parks can be found in Chicago.

The Chicago blues, which was introduced by the blacks who moved from New York in the 30s, is also famous.


The city of Joliet with its approximately 150 thousand inhabitants can be found in Northeast Illinois, a well-known venue for national sporting highlights is Chicagoland Speedway, where indie and Nascar races take place.

In addition, the former state prison is housed in the place, which has also served as a backdrop for films.

Utica Starved Rock State Park

Located in Northeast Illinois, the protected nature park is located near the town of Utica. Located on the Illinois River, you can rent a lodge there and go fishing and angling.

You can go out on a paddle boat and catch various local fish species from the river. However, since bathing is not allowed, it remains a dry pleasure, for example with a picnic with the family you can fully enjoy the beauty of the landscape.

Utica Matthiessen State Park

In the adjacent Matthiessen State Park, you can go cross-country skiing in winter, the park offers groomed trails between December and March and you can drive through the snow-painted winter landscape.

While snowmobiles are not permitted in this park, you can indulge in your hobby at the I & M Canal about 2 kilometers north of Utica. In December and January, the parks are closed for a few days during the hunting season in the parks.


In the capital of the state of Illinois, you can find many traces of former US President Abraham Lincoln, who earned his living here as a lawyer. The city was founded in 1821 and is located in central Illinois. His law office, the Lincoln-Herdon Law Office, his birthplace, the Lincoln Presidential Library & Museum, and the Lincoln-Herdon Law Offices.