IPad is Apple’s New Touchscreen Tablet In The Extreme Test In The Mixer – How?

Apple’s iPhone had to undergo have this extreme test. While this however fit easily into the mixer, had to come up with Tom Dickson at the mix tour of the iPad what. Well, much more than to demolish the tablet before a little I wouldn’t even me right off the bat. Hopefully, it was the small version of the Apple tablet with 16 GB memory and UMTS support. A small loading and evaluation this unusual encounter must be carried with a laughing and a crying eye.

Can you drop favorite Steve Jobs times

First important insight from this quite amusing destruction ceremony is that the iPad definitely one or two crashes will survive and can. Because only after repeated powerful hitting on your tablet will the touch-screen interface. For the back, so the aluminum body, no crash is really gefärhdend. And the touch screen proves to be more robust than expected. A clear plus for iPad. The a such tablet on the base of the Blender is broken is simply incredible. The real rush to the tablets in Manhattan is reflected in the form of videos Here on Our site. Hard to imagine that someone just mix one.

Really unfortunate

As fanatical Applefan one will run the tears over the face in this video. It weighs like a painful loss of a good friend. Practically, the puny rest then turns to throw the mixer. The small pile of ash fits into an urn and will be probably not even absurd for Applemaniacs. The smog should be inhaled but not necessarily as in the example of Tom Dickson. Should so an iPad after the break must be warranty period years 5-10’s not simply be disposed of, but can even specifically serve as a reminder to beautiful common times. And even the mix tour of the iPhone with the acting as subtitles warning reflected initially in the iPad’s not not to imitate. So even equal the charge double grief.

Start with the question “will it blend?”

Here on Our site is answered to the question of all questions regarding the iPad. Well, just this question appears quite unusual with regard to an iPad. At least warns it to recreate at home. Tom Dickson has must listen to bet quite a bit for this misdeed. However this video as mentioned earlier shows also how robust the Tablet from Apple really is. At least, the Tablet, which doubles as an ebook, shows much more robust than any kind of book. And it makes a really good figure initially, it looks easy only class. Of course, there will be soon iPad at Our site- buy cell phones online. And the moral of the story: iPads and mixer don’t mix!