Iphone 4 G-Prototype By Apple In The Pub Are Remained, German Beer Was Just Too Good!

Simply fabulous! The Apple employees gray Powell, is 27 years, programmers and responsible for the software of the new iPhone 4 g. As he is coming on March 18 in a German beer garden in California, just 25 kilometres away from his place of work, Powell for the first time seems to enjoy of German beer to come. On Facebook, he writes that even with the new Smartphone prototypes he underestimated the taste of German beer. As he leaves the beer garden gourmet Haus Staudt, forget the Apple employee actually the most valuable and well sheltered secret called Apple iPhone 4 G next to it on the bar stool.

Cover is initially not blown

The honest Finder of the prototypes of the Apple phones requesting the owners even in the beer garden. At this point, but no longer is Powell probably in the beer garden and sleeps calmly at home. The guest with the prototype in hand underestimate the value of smart phones because it is disguised as an iPhone 3GS. Our site has led even talks with the Finder, in which to try out the camera tells of the attempts. She fell off every time. At this moment, the Finder no longer believes in a normal iPhone 3GS. Of course also this guest is aware, that there are just 25 kilometres up to the Apple headquarters in Cupertino.

Not more functional unit the next day

The prototype of the iPhone 4 G is already completely switched off the next morning. Apple must have deleted it from a distance. That could very well be about MobileMe services. The Finder is trying to contact Apple, multiple calls are however unsuccessful. The first pictures in the World Wide Web appear at the weekend. Of course foremost Our site. but also the technology blog Our site  shows first photos. Who now assumes a feint by Apple, the next lines will convince certainly the of the contrary.

Apple reclaims the prototypes in writing!

Actually in a letter to Gizmodo, Apple asks to return the mobile phone prototypes. Here at Our site is reported about the authenticity of the prototype. Gizmodo has paid for the prototype smooth $5,000. For the reader, nothing was too expensive so the blog States. Since Apple’s Security Department has failed but for once. Basically, no information about the new toys will be published of course before Steve Jobs has officially unveiled it.

New Aussatttungsmerkmale leaked

Even some features are leaked by the German beer. On the technology blog Gizmodo, these are to find. What will be now no longer surprising is the camera resolution of 5 megapixels in your mobile. Also the second camera for video telephony is not really the sensation. Already the larger lens of the camera is interesting. Round metal edges make for an elegant look. The matt shining, black back and mainly consisting of metal buttons complete the elegant overall appearance. On the prototype, an additional microphone found the side at the top. The touch screen is logically not so much to learn after the. There are several buttons for volume control, as with the predecessor in a button. Overall, the prototype of the form appears similar as its predecessors. The Smartphone to be somewhat narrower. The new iPhone is equipped for the first time with the OS4 OS finally support multitasking. Gray Powell has probably served for the message on Facebook the comprehensive integration of Facebook. It is integrated directly into contact manager. In addition, a new iChat should be integrated, which allows also the transfer of links and videos. Here at Our site is reported. However little is known about the internal memory. Only two large XX are on the back of the unit facing the GB.

On June 22nd official presentation

Steve Jobs would like to really only introduce the new iPhone 4 G officially in June. The trouble over the sloppy people is all the more understandable. However, this may be just a really excellent feint. Because when such rumors ever come up, you can confirm the authenticity of the prototypes also look the same!But more than just improbable. Here on Our site you will find a picture of the poor Apple employee, soon likely ex-employee, because this is a cause for immediate termination. However, Gizmodo appeals to the sparing of the employee. Wonder? Our site- buy cell phones online offers the currently newest toy in the form of the iPad. The presentation of the iPhone is to take place in the same place as that of the iPad. Is German beer really good?