iPhone 5 and 5C: LTE at O2 Available Only Later?

If you have an iPhone 5s or 5 C, would like to use on the go connect as fast as possible. But’s looks may be bleak for O2 customers on September 20 due to lack of software settings is still completely unclear whether Apple in addition to Vodafone and Telekom has correctly incorporated also O2. Unlike 3 G at the manufacturer of LTE in the device must adapt explicitly the provider on the net: Apple’s LTE website currently shows that only Telecom and Vodafone customers have access to the high-speed network.

Overview: all the details of the iPhone 5S

Details of the next Apple Smartphone

Decision lies with the manufacturer

New European LTE iPhone support frequencies with 800, 850, 900, 1,800, 1,900, 2,100 and 2,600 megahertz. That completely covers all German provider. But whether the fast mobile network connects with the own Smartphone at all the manufacturer. Decides ultimately

double Whammy: Apple iPhone 5 and colorful iPhone 5 C shows fast

A question of software

Samsung put Apple software, & co., determine which network with which antenna is addressed. You leave out a provider, the Smartphone merges only with UMTS, with much slower speed. If the hardware but is able to communicate with a specific frequency, adding the provider is actually mandatory.

the iPhone 5C: the official images

O2 late

To Teltarif a spokesman for O2 said you guarantee though, that there will be O2 the iPhone 5 and 5 C with LTE in the own network had currently but no information about it, if that was the case for the release. Apple is in the selection of the partner companies have always been picky been 2007 for example only the Telekom ran was allowed. Therefore, it is believed that Apple is thoroughly testing the LTE networks prior to the integration into the iPhone software, to avoid disappointment on the part of the customer. Because the network of O2 is actually quite new, appropriate tests therefore probably won’t be over.