Lagerfeld Spring/Summer 2012: Karl Lagerfeld Has Time for Everything

It is to think in Karl Lagerfeld and come to me in the head all the stress to which apparently should be subjected the designer. His work for Chanel, Fendi for his own firm, publishers or washing machines, cars and other items that saturate us with its design is good example of this.

Perhaps the decline in the quality of its collections is it should precisely to all this overexposure working live her commonly known as Kaiser and many fashionistas are already requesting replacement of the designer in the big house Chanel.

Today I present the male proposal of Lagerfeld for spring/summer 2012. Basic, practical, nothing too remarkable under a very simple aesthetics. Away from excesses in fabrics, accessories and cuts that dares to Chanel, your signature does not inspire in great empires or eccentricities but that wears a city man with his feet on the ground.

The “snowman pie” look

Definitely the fashion industry wants us to merge between the Italian style with those pretentious White suits as if we were at a party at dusk and the pastel tones. You know less and more and not need to resemble a wedding cake snowman. It’s not!

The biker reinvented

Another of the basics that we see very present in their collections both the day to day of the designer is that chic mixing biker style leather jackets with more formal garments. For pants, colors like red are back with force and we are back to talk about the role of bottlenecks on two-color shirts and the use of the scarf as an accessory.

Classic tailoring

In developing the part of tailoring brand, designer Karl Lagerfeld is inspired by silhouettes and classic colors with some innovation in the flaps that as we see in the picture appear with a cutting edge in another color. Diplomatic stripes are also present are still that carries them? For what situation do you think is most appropriate?

Shirts and printed t-shirts

Within that simplicity and normality that we talked, they propose too predictable things and it is that in that sense, I would not pay for a basic striped shirt or a shirt of pictures a high money find them in versions very similar to lower prices in the low-cost stores.

Forget the gloves

Another thing that caught my attention was how Karl wants that we visit with him up to the point of using something with which he will always. Gloves biker style. Does really someone dares with that? It is not to be modern, or little classical people, is that simply they cannot be worse visually. Do not you think?

In short, a collection that for my taste, it goes very unnoticed by its simplicity and because it has failed to go beyond the trends of the season. What do you think?