LG Nexus 5 x-Everything Good from Google and LG [TEST]

Review: Google does it again. Together with South Korean LG they have created the sequel of their super phone Nexus 5.

It is no more than a couple of weeks ago that we here on the mobile site to read our review of one of the two latest Nexus phones, Nexus 6 p, manufactured by Huawei. Now it is time to take a closer look at the second part of the company, namely Nexus 5 x, manufactured by South Korean LG.

Exactly who we are starting. Where Chinese Huawei’s new customers in Nexus-world, so is the LG old acquaintance. You have even the slightest interest in Google and their Nexus concept, so you probably also know that LG stood behind the successful Nexus 5.

A phone that truly made consumers aware of this rather unique series of phones, which are characterized by a pure Android experience that is unshaven and secured the first and latest updates from the US search giant.

Nexus 5 x is so, not surprisingly, the long-awaited sequel to the original Nexus 5, which of course also means extremely high expectations. About 5 x live up to them, yes we must, of course, see.


Dimensions: 147 x 72.6 x 7.9 mm
Weight: 136 grams
Display: 5.2 “1920 x 1080 pixels, 423 ppi
Camera: 12.3 megapixels and 4 k video recording at 30 fps, 5 megapixel front camera
Performance: 1.8 GHz hexa-core Snapdragon 808, Adreno 418 graphics, 2 GB of RAM
Software: Android 6.0 Marshmallow
Connection: 4 g LTE, NFC, Bluetooth 4.2, etc.
Battery: 2,700 mAh, quick charge
Stock: 16 or 32 GB, no support for micro-SD
Price: Approx. 3,600 kr for 16 GB and ca. 4,000 kr for 32 GB. Find it on our site
Colors: Carbon (black, also tested), Quartz (white/gray) and Ice (mintblå, however, not available in Denmark)
Moreover: Front-facing speaker, finger scanner at the rear, the USB C port


Everything about it is old, and so do not …

Nexus 5 x is similar in many respects to its predecessor. The very front and the design is close to identical to the first version, but the rear is seen a big difference.

Here there is room for a finger scanner, which, in the same way as by Nexus 6 p, can be used to unlock the phone, as well as to approve the purchase of URf.eks. Google Play.

Different is also the camera’s location and design, which is now placed in the Middle, and bulges a bit off the top.

By phone inputs is there also has been a change. The headphone jack is moved off the bottom of the unit and is located next to the power input with the new ladestandard. There is, of course, talking about USB type C, which replaces the classic micro-USB.

In addition, there are volume and/down-as well as the on/off button now on the right side of the phone.Both buttons have a nice pressure sensitivity, and gives fine after, though I would miss a little more texture than the power button, in like manner as, for example, Moto G. This may, however, in addition to wake the phone, also used to activate the camera by double-tapping.

Nexus 5 x is, like its predecessor, cast in plastic, and this contributes, of course, the whole idea that we don’t have to talk about any high-end mobile.

I will say, however, that the matte finish on back, really feels delicious to keep on, and in addition, the more blank pages created in such a way that they give a really good grip on the phone. This even if 5 x is over five inches high.

Nexus 5 x has pga. its building is also a great advantage. With a weight of only 136gram so there is talk about an incredibly lightweight phone that despite its size, is more than suitable for a two-handed use.

That is like its predecessor no possibility for extra storage, and battery is not replaceable. The only “modification option” sits at the side of the phone, where the little SIMcard drawer finds himself with space to, this time, a nano-SIMcard. Otherwise nothing new under the Sun.

The latest Android = Music as sweet as marshmallows

We can just as well get to it. Nexus Nexus is the pga. the newest and cleanest android experience that meets one already from taking the phone out of the box. This time around, there is talk about Android 6.0 Marshmallow, and though it in some ways feels more like an extended update of its predecessor Lollipop, then follows that nevertheless part delicious and thoughtful features.

One of these is Doze, or directly translated, Dozing. If you haven’t already guessed it, or have cheated and already tried it, then Doze a feature that should help you with your device’s battery life. It is created in order to be able to keep your device in live when it is on standby, by automatically turning off unneeded elements from the. This is also something that can be felt on Nexus 5 x, and which I will comment on a little later.

Another, and perhaps the most vital, improvement is the new feature “Now on Tap”. This improves the already intelligent Android feature Google Now, by automatically suggest searches in relation to what is happening on the screen. If you URf.eks. has gotten an invitation to watch a particular movie, one will, by holding down the home button inside, get info about the film, the actors, the theater must be for etc.

It works not currently on Danish, but by changing the system language to English, I have tried it a bit of, and the result is very impressive. I thought at first that it would be a fun gimmick, but I’ve actually found it incredibly smart to use, whether you are surfing the net, checking sports scores, or want to read about the unfortunate politicians (see the images below).
Really well thought out Google.

Reasonable performance makes life Good

LG is as I said once again phone suppliers, and also this time, they have done a very fine job in relation to the phone’s design and technical organ meats. Nexus has been equipped with a 5 x 64 bit ottekernet Snapdragon 808 chip, as LG before have used in, among other things. their LG G4.

Where you can enjoy over three GB RAM in LG’s own phone, yes we have to make do with only two in Nexus 5 x. However, there is generally not something you experience is too destructive for the use of the phone. But there is no doubt that the extra GB RAM really would have done wonders, when, for example, has started in more intensive applications at once.

One place, however, drawers really much on performance is the camera. To open the app up and actually take the picture itself takes so long that the motif when disappearing 10 times before it actually has a shot in the rifle. It has, however, helped a little, to use other third-party camera applications, but it should not be necessary.

In addition, comes in two versions 5 x nexus, a version with 16 GB and one with 32 GB memory. Test phone is 32 GB model, and although of course the testing period has been too short to fill the entire this space out, so it is still crystal clear. Make sure everything in the world to get hold of the large model.Although the proclaims to have 32, so you end up in effect with 25 GB to mess around with. In conclusion, the 16 GB models should be a dying breed.

What a screen

As mentioned previously, so this is a great phone, who thereby 5.2 inches is a bit bigger than the first Nexus 5.

We see today generally tend more and more phones, but before our hands can manage to keep up with, so I think it is appropriate to stop here. 5 x has the ideal size that balances perfectly between the delicious big screen and its ability to be used with a single hand.

This year’s Nexus-display is so approved. With a 1080 p Full HD screen, so they do not disappoint anyone on this parameter. 5X’s screen looks super crisp out from all imaginable angles.

In direct sunlight, it has been a bit difficult to apply, since the brightness can’t get absolutely terrible up high. However, it is not something that has been all too great a load, probably most pga. lack of just Sun these days.

Excellent battery, which, however, did not impress

With a size of entire 2700mAh, so is the battery one of the points on which there has been a change from both the last generation, as well as where it can actually measure up to since competitors.

But although the 2700mAh sounds like much, so we are not talking about something batterimæssigt Marvel. Are you a heavy user, Yes so swallows Nexus 5 x as also pleasing. Conversely, on medium-to light-use days, so keeping it is actually surprisingly good, and I think that the credit must go to the new Doze function in Android 6.0.

But more often than not, when I never much longer than Bell 2100-2200, before I have to put the applicance for charging. However, a process goes incredibly fast with the supplied Quick charger, however, have a small minus. The phone allows for via USB type-C and this is through a USB to USB cable C C, which fortunately included in the box, but that makes it incredibly hard to find power elsewhere.

Right now I have with this new USB type, as I had it with the first lightning devices from Apple, as annoyed that none of my other cables and accessories works. But, as with so much else, so go there not long before we sit and completely forgot micro-USB days, if so type C will be the General standard.

Security in a new way

As something completely new has Nexus-the phones, both 5 x and 6 p, got a finger touch scanner.However, it is even more unusual is the location of this. Finger scanner is located either at the bottom of the screen, as URf.eks. an iPhone or Galaxy, not in the page as with Z5 series, but on the other hand, the back of the phone.

This has both its clear advantages and disadvantages. The downside of that it sits on the back of the device, of course, is that, unlike the front turned scanners can not unlock the phone up when lying down.But on the other hand, taking the phone in your hand, so should not be more than just slicing the circular “James Bond”-like scanner before it in the course of a split second locks the phone up a fantastic cool feature that just works.


Nexuskamera in top

With a price between 3,500-4,000 USD so is Nexus 5 x a severe size to classify. It is not really a budget phone, but it is also not exactly a top model, that we have the Nexus 6 p. This of course also has something to say about the camera, and what to expect of it.

With the same 12, 3MP sensor that sits in the 6 p, then works the camera immediately promising, and I must also say that Nexus so 5 x really gets shot some sharp images off.

Although there are “only” in the case of a little more than 12MP, then reads the story to another, when it turns out that each pixel has a size of 1.55 µm. What this means is that each pixel is significantly larger than normal, and thereby can close a lot more light in. This is done because, according to Google, takes 80% of our pictures in poor lighting and, therefore, should this be the ideal solution.

In addition to the fantastic looking style images, so can also record in 5 x Ultra HD, also known as 4 k, with 30 frames per second. All in all, a more than passable camera that has taken a step up of the path in comparison to its predecessor.

The only small but, as also mentioned earlier, is Google’s own camera application, which in most cases is extremely slow. Though one via a double-tap on the power button easily can open the camera, so we must still arm themselves with patience, and in some cases misse his perfect picture.

Conclusion – For those who live Nexuslivet

It is time to summarize. At a cost of almost 4,000 dollars for the 32 GB model, there is no question of any inexpensive middle-class phone. To look down the road, for example, the frequently mentioned exists so yes OnePlus X, even to a somewhat lower price.

In addition, you can now easily find other phones, which can be obtained for the same price, with a lot better specifications, view just Samsung S6, which now lie at a lesser price than 5 x.

One can therefore well wonder on the phone then here at all is a good buy?
The answer to this question lies in the phone’s name. “Nexus”.

This phone is for all those who love the clean and simple Android OS, without too much “junk” from the respective phone makers.

It is for those who like to pay a bit more, with the certainty that the future will get the latest updates first and without too much hassle.

So that is why it is more apt and appropriate questions to ask:
Is Nexus 5 x a good buy for a Nexus fan, there may be content with 5 inch and plastic?
Yes, you can believe it.

LG Nexus, we land on a 5 x 5′ is.


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