Meego Ready for Second Chance

Next year a new MeeGo-based mobile operating system get a second chance when the Jolla is ready with their bids on a mobile operating system.

Earlier this year elected several developers from the old MeeGo team to start a new company, Jolla, which wants to revive the mobile operating system MeeGo.

Jolla has just issued a press release in which they write, that there will be a new mobile operating system for spring 2013. The new operating system is based on MeeGo and have codenamed Sailfish.

Meego was, at the time, developed jointly by Intel and Nokia, but it was abandoned last year. Nokia chose to bet on Windows Phone and Intel are teaming up with Samsung on the development of Thinkbear.

But so was revived earlier this year and the bet is big. Jolla tells that they have formed a new alliance in Hong Kong with the largest players in the mobile industry. An alliance that includes chip-companies, telecom operators and manufacturers of smartphones. The parties will invest 1.5 billion. Crowns in the new system and rates on the Chinese market.

Jolla refer among other things to Aliyun US, which according to Google is a copy of Android.

-“China is changing the rules of the game in the mobile industry. The next big mobile revolution comes from China, and Jolla wants to be at the forefront. There is access to very large resources and competencies, which can move the entire industry forward, “says Jussi Hurmola, head of Jolla.

Jollas new mobile operating system should not only be used for smartphones, but also tablets, televisions, cars and much more.