Motorola Backflip-Touch Screen Display To The Turn And Google Android Operating System

Something new: Motorola backflip with rotating touch screen display. Only in December Motorola blew to the assault on the European market. The Smartphone should bring forward the once successful brand in Germany. The milestone came with the Google Android operating system, touch screen and QWERTY keyboard to the push for a predatory pricing on the market and is a success. Many new cell phones were announced 2009. We want to introduce a very interesting model here even.

Introducing is the right word, because that has done Motorola at CES 2010 in Las Vegas. Namely, a Smartphone with innovative folding mechanism. The video shows very well what is meant for the display can not fold over the keyboard, but almost on the back of the phone. This type of display rotation is called “Backflip”. And so born is also the name of the cell phones: Motorola Backflip. So far the device under the code name of Motus was performed.


A large touch screen display, full QWERTY keyboard, and a 5-megapixel camera is one of the features of the Motorola backflip. A built-in LED flash also ensures acceptable images in low light conditions. You can upload are of course also for example on Facebook. Support for HSDPA and Wi-Fi benefit is for surfing in Internet. Both supports the Motorola Backflip. So it is, thanks to the good browser of operating system Google Android excellent mobile surf 1.5.

Operating system and operation

The operating system of the Motorola backflip is class. It is fast, good to use (also thanks to the service o flat Motoblur) and offers beautiful thousands of applications, which Mr below can be downloaded in the Android app store. Also the new trackpad is getting used to, but very pleasant after a short settling time. Short messages with the keyboard can of course well and write emails. Also communicate in the trendy social networks such as Facebook, StudiVZ or chat in the Live Messenger is very pleasant. But what happens when I’ve folded the keyboard backwards? Don’t worry, that is disabled at the moment. To prevent unwanted calls or similar.


The Motorola backflip is a very interesting Smartphone. With the modern Google Android operating system is you on the safer side. A large amount of applications you can Mr under load. Let the memory be extended by up to 32 GB, so that is also plenty of space for music, videos the downloaded programs. The Ausstattungdes Motorola backflip is good and the technology seems mature. The Motorola backflip to come 2010 in the first quarter in the US market. When it is available with us, remains unclear. However, are you interested in the new Smartphone from Motorola? Then you can be but when the phones informed by Our site- buy cell phones online free of charge and without obligation. Learn anything new of course also here in Our site’s blog.