Navi-App-Update: Navitel Navigator Now with 3D Graphics

With your smartphone a practical matter navigate, especially if the cards are stored locally on the device and thus, no Internet access is required. In this way, users have the possibility to use the navigation app in the foreign country. The Navitel Navigator offers just that and in its eighth version relies on better graphics and advanced POI options.

Better orientation through 3D

Open GL allows a faster and better for navigation through 3D graphics rendering. Acquaintances there sights even as authentic look, other buildings are simplified as cube shown. Matching between screen and street so sometimes easier. The app provides up-to-date information, bring you to your destination quickly and reliably: congestion of Navitel Navigator included in route planning as well as automatic map updates.

Set personal targets

If you are bound as the owner of a company car, because of discount cards or personal preference on a particular gas station, the Navigator will take you directly to the next gas station of your choice. The logo of the respective gas station at the site is displayed in the map view. The brand sites are stored as POI so you have the opportunity to define your individual objectives yourself. The same applies of course not just for gas stations, but also for your favorite restaurants or favourite shops.


Test: Nokia maps of a NAVIGON, Apple, Google,

Price depending on the size of the cards

Navitel offers the app for 30 days as a free trial. After that the program will cost maps for Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein including 20 euros, with maps for Western Europe suggests the app with 39 euros. More cards also get customers to package prices via download. The automatic map updates are free of charge. To Eastern Europe in Russia, Navitel offers for rides the best maps on the market for navigation apps.