Manzano Mountains near Albuquerque, New Mexico

New Mexico Cities, Climate and Sights

The fifth largest US state, New Mexico, or New Mexico, is located in the southwest of the United States. It also has the nickname “Land of Enchantment”, from Spanish “Tierra de Encanto”.

New Mexico is bordered by Colorado to the north, Oklahoma to the northeast, Texas to the east and south, and Arizona to the west. New Mexico borders Utah in the northwest at the so-called Four Corners.

The state border with Mexico also forms part of the southern border of New Mexico. The territory formerly part of Mexico was annexed by the victors, the United States of America, as part of the American-Mexican War in 1846-48.

  • Liuxers: List of Federal school codes for educational institutions located in New Mexico. Includes FAFSA codes in the state of New Mexico.

The US state of New Mexico

Manzano Mountains near Albuquerque, New Mexico

Manzano Mountains near Albuquerque, New Mexico

About 76,000 people live in the capital Santa Fe, New Mexico covers a total area of ​​almost 315,000 km².

This corresponds almost exactly to the area of ​​Poland. The residents of the mainly plateau area are 45% White, 42% Latino or Hispanic descent, 9% Native American and the rest divided into other races.

The white man will also soon be overtaken, because the Hispanic population is constantly growing, while the white male produces fewer offspring.

Climate and weather conditions

Due to its location in the southern United States, the climate in New Mexico is quite dry and hot in summer. The wind often comes up only sparsely, since large parts are on the windward side of the Rocky Mountains. Only in the outer west does it get really wet in summer, because here the cloud masses rain down on the Rockys, which is why the forest cover is quite high there. Due to the location at mostly more than 2000 meters, it often gets quite cool at night. Even in winter it is quite cool and freezing in most parts of New Mexico. In the north of Santa Fe it is even so wintry that a winter sports center with “good skiing and tobogganing” has been built here.

Best time to travel to New Mexico

The best travel time for us tourists, who prefer to hike and explore nature by rental car or camper, is in the short transition period in spring and autumn.

The biggest cities

New Mexico’s largest cities with the population from the year 2010, rounded:

  1. Albuquerque 546,000
  2. Las Cruces 98,000
  3. Rio Rancho 89,000
  4. Santa Fe 76,000
  5. Roswell 47,000