Nokia Strikes Back – New Ovi Store, Smartphones And Sensational 3d Display In 2010

The year 2009 draws to a close slowly and the large Finnish manufacturer and market leader Nokia still dominates the mobile market. However, the competition makes pressure properly. HTC brings a great Smartphone on the market. Sony Ericsson is increasingly on design and lifestyle with its mobile phones and plays so well. However, the competitor to no. 1 on the market at the moment is Samsung. For the Korean manufacturer faster smartphones with the great AMOLED displays has been a very successful year 2009. Nokia is quite frankly to the trend to have something to sleep. But who had already written off Nokia he is mightily wrong!

Ovi store in 2010

First, an update that patching a couple of errors, improved the operation and to make faster the OV store awaits us. This is planned for the end of February. Currently, Nokia listed around 1 million downloads per day. This increases according to the Finns monthly by about 100%. But that is only the first step of a new Ovi store for music, games, applications, navigation and other programs, apps and widgets. The N-Gage game portal is set in September 2010. Suggesting that Nokia is planning something big! According to an article on Our site N-Gage so like all other Nokia will be made to also services on the Ovi store. This update perfectly in the spring of 2010 in the planning. And as the industry makes more money with additional programs, games and music Nokia want to not be there of course the Hintertreffem. Nokia is currently lot of money in the development of a user-friendly interface and good applications connected.We can be curious!

New Nokia cell phones 2010

It is unfortunately still not much known about new phones or Smartphones. It is working already on a new version of the Symbian operating system. The current version is not really suitable for modern smartphones. In used the Nokia N900 Linux maemo comes in version 6 in 2010. Already in the first half of 2010 Nokia wants two new smartphones with “Milestone”-bring out the character. We are also very anxious whether the rumor will come true after a 3D.

World novelty: 3D

A so-called 3D multi-touch UI is in the development centre of the Finns already in development. This is based on a kapazitativen touch screen (what is this? ( read here) and sensors that measure both the strength and the direction of the pressure, which is applied to the display. What exactly is great with a 3D touch screen display can be we don’t know yet. Is but sure if Nokia really brings this world novelty in combination with a good operating system, and the improved Ovi store on the market. How can you be so imagine a 3D touch screen you wonder? Then you look at but this video. The display is in a different dimension as a mobile display, turns to what is possible.

The such touchscreen required a high-performance processor is clear. This in turn requires a strong battery what the new Nokia smartphones then either makes heavy and big, or affect the battery life. We will see what awaits us.


We can be definitely curious what there will present Nokia us in 2010 on new mobile phones and Smartphones. Also the new Ovi store arouses interest. A suitable operating system provided it is probably also good arrive. Already now you are equipped with a good Nokia Smartphone with a Nokia N97 mini (a recent report in the here blog, from Our site to read) or Nokia N900 is currently well sold that. You get this and many more phones of course at Our site – buy cell phones online.