OnePlus Loads The X Series and Bet Everything on The 3 OnePlus

OnePlus 3, was made official yesterday at an event that took place in Shenzen, China. During this appointment, the company’s CEO, Pete Lau took the opportunity to confirm that do not continue with the OnePlus X series and they will focus their efforts on its new flagship.

OnePlus X arrived towards the end of 2015 as the economic choice of the Chinese company; a more compact and with cropped specifications terminal that maintained the curfew premium brand with a tighter price (269 euros for the basic version). But If you liked the OnePlus X, do not wait to the OnePlus X 2 because OnePlus it bet everything on the new 3 OnePlus.

OnePlus X was a worthy attempt to condense the spirit of a high range on a computer easier and, above all, cheaper. The proposal was fairly well received in Europe, but It has not given the overall results expected in OnePlus and they have decided to Park this series so that all their production resources go to the high-end and his brand new 3 OnePlus.

OnePlus 3

Pete Lau said that the brand strategy will be strengthen your range top instead of entering the price war. They also want to unify development platform OxygenOS resources and HydrogenOS later, but to learn more details will have to wait at end of year.

LAU wants to continue investing in the service after sales and accessories more lifestyle. In terms of its marketing strategy, the brand’s presence is increasing but they want to continue minimizing costs for power maintain prices of demolition as the 399 euros which costs the OnePlus 3. In addition, mark will continue to focus its efforts in online sales and they do not plan to open more stores in China.