Our Site: 306 Network Improvements in 2012

TT network is delayed-but it does not mean to our site customers waiting in vain. Our site’s 2 g and 3 g networks will be for still expanded rapidly. See where Our site has built new cell towers in 2012.

TT-network, which is a merger of our site networks, has been slightly delayed compared to the original plan. Thus will be the merger of the two companies’ networks first reality from the second quarter of 2012. But that does not mean that our site’s network will be pickled.

If you read the comments on the various telecommunications companies’ Facebook pages, so you get fast impression that telecommunications companies do not invest a penny in extensions of their network. 

The typical comment with any telecom company is something like: “why does in not exactly my area, and down with my aunt nor does for good coverage.”

One can easily get the idea that telecommunications carriers’ coverage is full of holes as a strainer, and that there will be something done about the problem, for the vast majority of comments on Facebook not answered by telecommunications companies, Facebook employees.

But the perception is very wrong, but for ordinary people, so it can be very difficult to keep track of where and how much telecommunications companies actually are expanding their networks.

At our site, we have continuously followed the upgrade of Our site’s network over the last year or so, in order to give our readers an insight into this part of the world, like most telecommunications companies do not know about, but like most, however, allivel have a position on.

306 improvement in 2012

Status in september 2012, was that Our site had created the entire 306 network improvements during the first 9 months of the year. The improvements consist both of upgrades of existing cell towers and the creation of completely new cell towers.

The massive deployment is part of Our site’s own network roll-out, and at the same time, it is part of the preparation of network amalgamations with Telia.

In order to improve the fortirinsvis voice coverage, so have Our site set up 72 new 2 g master-preferably in Jutland.

On 3 g has since Our site set up 185 UMTS900 cell towers, which delivers 3 g at 900 MHz frequencies. These master gives a geographically wide coverage, and these cell towers will be mainly set up outside the major Danish cities.

Our site has also set up 49 UMTS2100, providing 3 g at 2100 MHz frequency. These cell towers are mostly set up in the country’s largest cities, and must provide better indoor coverage and increase capacity.

The new UMTS900 and UMTS2100 cell towers are geographically dispersed across the country, and Our site customers in both cities and villages have thus been safeguarded.

In addition to the many new cell towers, so have Our site in 2012 cut number of mobile centres down from 11 to 2, which gives fewer dropouts in conversations. Our site has also upgraded to DC-HSDPA in the existing cellular network in the country’s 30 largest cities, so that Our site’s customers can now download with up to 32 Mbit/s and upload at up to 5 Mbit/s in these cities.


Type Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Christmas Aug Sep Total
UMTS900 5 11 8 15 34 23 17 48 24 185
UMTS2100 9 6 10 2 3 11 2 5 1 49
GSM 4 12 20 6 10 12 3 0 5 72