Attractions of Argentina

Resorts and Attractions of Argentina

Argentina is one of the most distant countries from Russia. Even among experienced travelers there are those who have not been to Argentina. But this country deserves the closest attention. Argentina is able to surprise that in modern life – a luxury. Argentina occupies a quarter of the South American continent and, due to the large extent of the territory from north to south, the nature and relief of this country are incredibly diverse.

To get to Argentina, you need to fly by plane for 17 hours. There are no direct flights from Moscow to Buenos Aires. You will have to change in Rome, Paris, Madrid or Havana. A round trip ticket will cost 50-60 thousand rubles. But the ticket price will be the biggest expense on this trip, because. Latin American countries are not expensive. Traveling to Argentina is best planned for spring or autumn.

According to POLITICSEZINE, Argentina is a colorful bewitching country that has not yet been fully discovered and known by tourists. Today, she is attracting more and more attention. Here you can find everything for a wonderful holiday. Beaches that stretch for many kilometers, mountains – one of the highest in the world, steppes – which have no end in sight. And also the most beautiful waterfalls, dense forests and ski resorts. There is no country more southern than Argentina. On the territory of this country is the southernmost city in the world – Ushuaia.

Argentina (Silver Country) is a South African state with incredibly beautiful nature, interesting culture and amazing beaches. The average temperature in the country is from +17 to +29*–°. The geographical position of Argentina, favorable for tourism and recreation, makes visiting this country a real treat. It’s fabulous! All conditions have been created for the development of the tourism business, and the wide coastal zone contributes to this in every possible way. In Argentina, everything is done so that you can completely relax.

Tango (if you want to learn how to dance, go to Buenos Aires) and horse polo, that’s what Argentina is primarily associated with. But this country can also offer its guests a wide variety of cultural and historical monuments and the unique nature that it is so rich in. Argentina attracts tourists who do not want a lazy holiday on sun loungers and hotels with Russian-speaking staff. Most visitors head to Buenos Aires, but if you want to experience the real flavor of this country, you should stay in a small town. For example, in Santiago del Estero – the oldest in the country. But it is best to start acquaintance with Argentina from the capital, guarded by Europeans,

In Buenos Aires, you need to walk around Palermo (Palermo is one of the most interesting areas of Buenos Aires, which everyone who visits this hospitable city should visit), Saint Telmo and discover a new and wonderful world. This is the busiest city in South America, the movement in it does not stop for a minute. It is the administrative, industrial and cultural center of Argentina. Hundreds of bars, kiosks, restaurants are open around the clock. The city knows how to impress its guests and invites thousands of tourists into its arms.

It is a city with a complicated history, a wealth of architectural monuments and a diverse ethnic and social composition of the population. Buenos Aires is located on the banks of the Rio de la Plata River in the steppe region of South America. Argentines are proud of the widest street in the world – 9th of July Street. The street is located in the center of the capital and its width is 140 meters.

La Plata is a port city in Argentina, located at the mouths of the Paran√° and Uruguay rivers. 800 thousand people live in the city. The population speaks Spanish, the main religion is Catholicism. La Plata has a very warm and humid climate. For a third of the year, the weather in the city pleases tourists and residents with sunny days.

Mendoza – a city in the west of Argentina in the interfluve at the base of the Andes. The population is about a million. The territory is arid, riddled with many water channels, as a result of which the city appears to travelers as a bright oasis filled with exotic plants.

Attractions of Argentina