Samsung Apps-Download Store For Mobile Phones And Smartphones From The Eponymous Manufacturer Now Available In Germany!

Samsung apps is the new own app store by Samsung Electronics. Already in the summer the platform was presented for the first time. From the September 14, one could already perceive the offer of the new platform in Italy, France and the United Kingdom. At CES, the consumer electronics show, Samsung presented the online-shop of the broad and global public and announced the distribution in over 50 countries.

Samsung apps

About Samsung apps you can download applications, games, and much more on the Smartphone or mobile phone. Among the many fee-based downloads are also some free downloads. Samsung’s mobile phones must be natural, at least. Then, users have access to a large software library. To start last year about 300 applications and programs were available, including the well-known provider of electronic arts, Gameloft, and Handmark.

And what about Germany?

Samsung apps to be already available in Germany according to a slashphone report. However, the library is still very limited use. So far the applications are Windows Mobile only for two Smartphone operating system available for the Samsung i800 Omnia 2 and the cheaper option, the Omnia Lite. The download store is available at Our site. As of February, the new smartphones directly with access to Samsung apps should be equipped.

New program package for the PC available

You can browse and download Samsung apps not only over the phone. The software gravel is to obtain via the same website and purchase the PC enables the applications and programs. The apps selected on the computer can be on this then transferred by synchronization with the mobile. When connecting the smartphones over gravel, the apps are immediately updated and installed. This has to have not only the advantage with the Smartphone may be long and expensive in the Internet, but also offers the possibility of a backup copy. This is the case of loss of the Smartphones or mobile phones from advantage. The purchased apps are then still on the computer and not completely “lost”.

Samsung apps but not only for mobile phones

The software offers the Samsung will be used not only on mobile phones and Smartphones can apps. At CES, Samsung has announced the online store for Netbooks, laptops and digital cameras make available and duly expand the market of the software library. About the opening of the shop for developers, it is not yet decided.

Samsung i8000 Omnia 2

But now the smartphones on the library is already available or soon will be. The i8000 Omnia 2 is the first Smartphone with the possibility of the enlargement of the feature on the new app store Samsung apps. With the Windows operating system, which features the AMOLED display Mobile 6.5 equipped smartphone. The touch screen is 3.7 inches tall and boasts sensational color and contrast. The just 128 g heavy multi-tasker has a 5 megapixel camera and GPS.

Of course of Samsung apps Internet use should not be missed for the. This provides the handy Smartphone via WLAN and UMTS. For the quick download or upload HSDPA and HSUPA are available. The Internet package guarantees the quick download of the new features of Samsung apps. In addition, the Samsung i800 Omnia 2 offers all Office functions such as for example the opening of Excel and Word documents, and organizer. It is also possible to check emails. All around a very successful smartphone for the modern user of today that the possibility of Samsung apps still an additional purchase reason offers. Of course, the all-rounder with a TouchWiz interface via Our site mobile phones buy online can be obtained.

The Samsung S8000 Jet

Since this phone by Samsung almost provides the same functionality as the Samsung i8000 Omnia 2 it is very likely that soon the store for this Smartphone is available. It is equipped with the TouchWiz 2 operating system and has i8000 Omnia 2 of the smaller touch screen compared to the brother. The display is 3.1 inches tall. The 5 mega pixel camera is also on board and the Office functions are also available. The Internet package includes the same frame with an exception of HSUPA. Otherwise it is but the Samsung brother not in, the S8000 Jet with 110 grams is a little easier. It is probably only a matter of time until the download of Samsung apps ready to go. Of course we offer from Our site phones online cheap buy this Smartphone also.

Samsung S5600

And last but not least, yet the Samsung S5600 would be to mention. Whether the possibility of the enlargement of the app on Samsung apps for this phone is to have not yet been fixed also. The S5600 is a Touchscreen mobile phone with the TouchWiz user interface, and has over a 3.1 megapixel camera. It offers HSDPA and UMTS support, but no Wi-Fi. It is the peiswerteste of the presented phones. Accordingly, the S5600 offers not the same functionality as the two big brothers, but is very good in the price / performance ratio. Without a contract, the lightest of the three mobile phones Our site phones online cheap buy for 154.95 euros is to have.

Looking forward to the expansion of the Samsung apps

These are of course only three cell phones from Samsung, which were presented here. As of February, the number of cooperating mobile phones and smartphones will abruptly rise. We of cheap online buy Our site cell phones are very curious how far the market and pool of the user expand can and to what extent the app store to fruition. It remains to be seen whether Samsung apps developers will be made available. But for starters, over 300 programs are not bad yield. We are looking forward to the first cell phones and Smartphones, which are equipped with the necessary software in the Samsung apps to shop and browse. Our site phones online cheap buy now ever have when extending the facilities and the media pool fun users with the Samsung i8000 Omnia 2!