The Hyundai MB-105 Chico-Easy Phone In Credit Card Format With Basic Functions.

The group Hyundai Mobile cell phone is just as big as a credit card! The weight, is what plays a special role in simple phones, with 48 grams-far below the average. Fortunately, it is slightly wider, otherwise it would be possibly in your wallet to find!

The perfect second phone

This mobile fits almost anywhere thanks to its size of 85 x 50 x 10 millimetres. If the friend would take nunmal no handbag and nevertheless you must be reachable, the tiny disappear without attracting much attention even in your pocket. Or you want to relax in the outdoor swimming pool a little, but it must be accessible for colleagues. The Hyundai MB-105 Chico is frugal, the place in the trunks would be conceivable. Also one needs fear no major financial losses in case of possible theft.

Basic equipment

It is of course not necessary to equip this mobile phone with touch screen and a high number of colors in the display even when the size and the purpose. This is reflected with a display size of 1.2 inch Hyundai MB-105 Chico plain. The display is a monochrome and allows two colours. It is appropriate to adapt this phone not the newer smartphones and cell phones. It offers the simplicity and not by the outstanding skills. At the size it is also not needed to play games but to make calls and to send SMS. Thus, the basic functions of a mobile phone are met.

Suitable for holiday?

In addition offers the simple mobile phone, allowing ideal take on holiday to sleep in the possibility of the personal alarm service in the hotel. Because the Hyundai MB-105 Chico has an alarm clock and thus saves the call in the middle of the night, you may move to the next hour in the lobby to the check-out please. In Europe, that supports both frequency ranges Hyundai MB-105 Chico via dual band 900/1800 MHz. This speaks for the holiday fitness of the midget.


Of course, the simple mobile sets no standards in design and multimedia features. This is in terms of purpose also absolutely not of concern. The price of 29.95 euro without contract with Our site mobile phones buy cheap online makes it clear that this mobile phone will revolutionize the mobile phone market. It is to make calls and send SMS for so small that everywhere with it can be. The perfect mobility with the Hyundai MB-105 Chico.