The New Eco-Friendly Mobile Phones From Sony Ericsson-Hazel And Elm In The Short Test

Sony Ericsson brings two new phones with decent facilities and great processing on the market with the elm and the Hazel in spring. The design is fresh and very chic. Both the Sony Ericsson Elm and the Sony Ericsson Hazel can count to the ecological product group Greenheart. We could ever test the two phones and want them now here report.

Sony Ericsson phones can build we know already. But it now also an environmentally friendly way to do this is relatively new. It is with the C901 already a mobile phone of the Greenheart series on the market.This sold is still quite slow, it was really something new, neither in form nor design. But now come two new representatives of the product group of the eco-friendly phones on the market: the Sony Ericsson elm and the Sony Ericsson Hazel want to conquer the hearts of the friends of the environment under the mobile phone lovers.

When is a cell phone Sony Ericsson Greenheart series eco-friendly –

The question rightly arises: when is a mobile environment-friendly? And also relatively easy to answer according to the Sony Ericsson lets you:

  • No manual in paper form
  • use of recycled plastics
  • energy efficient display
  • water-based paints

These four points are specified on the homepage of SoE. Thus is is designed to reduce the CO2 emissions of the phones by 15%. Well, it’s not much, but it’s a start. In addition, the logo looks but also still so beautiful.

Sony Ericsson Elm – ergonomic design and good facilities

The new entry-level model in the eco-friendly mobile world is the Sony Ericsson Elm. You may here but don’t understand the word entry-level model. It’s not about a poorly-equipped cell phone with some impressive features, which write just for calls and SMS is suitable. No, because it is wrong. It is very well equipped. It is installed a camera with 5-megapixel resolution. The images succeed quite well thanks to auto-focus, Flash and image stabilization. We were able to confirm this also after our first test.

Overall the Sony Ericsson Elm not only looks good, but it feels good. The materials used are very high quality. We hope that not too much is reflected that in the price. The shape of the new Sony Ericsson is also well thought out. You nestles beautifully the mobile.

Thus, the cell phones can be very easy to operate and are fed up with the hand.

The keys have a good pressure point and the menu of the elm is typical of Sony Ericsson, very tidy. For beginners, probably for the first time not immediately self-explanatory symbols are, but it is then but after a brief acclimatization. The menu definitely is very visually. The pressure point of the keys is good and it can be both SMS write well and move well and safely through the menu.

Pre-installed programs such as a Facebook application, identify the elm also as a social community-enabled mobile phone. E-Mails can be received also with the quite communicative all-rounder and sent. The Sony Ericsson Elm convinced so in function and design, we hope for a human price, then we estimate is that Sony Ericsson Elm on the mobile market will find his friends.

Sony Ericsson Hazel – stylish slider also good

In fact the Sony Ericsson Sony Ericsson Elm Hazel right looks a lot like. Equipment-side the two not much to take. The Hazel also features a high resolution camera with Flash, auto-focus and other nice features.The design concept is also very similar to that of the elm, although the Sony Ericsson Hazel is a slider. Also at the Hazel, the back is ergonomically designed. It is therefore a very safe, because of the use of non-slip material in the hand.

The menu is identical to that of the elm and therefore holds no surprises. Support also to constant contact with the social community is the Sony Ericsson Hazel thanks to pre-installed applications like Facebook or email. The Sony Ericsson Hazel have we must test and can say: those who like slider will love the Hazel.

It is really very well managed, not shakes or rattles. The materials used are high quality as well as nice to look at. The equipment can not be desired and to do something good of nature. Also at the Hazel we hope for an affordable price – at least then it could become a bestseller.


According to recent information that will appear Sony Ericsson Hazel in the 14th week of the calendar. The Sony Ericsson Elm, however, already in the 10th calendar week. So not much on the date has changed. The Xperia X 2 and the Xperia X 10 we are been disappointed, with a shift to several weeks back, remains to be seen if Sony Ericsson can hold even the deadlines? Of course you can appear after purchasing the two new in Our site- mobile phones buy cheap online purchase. Check me in!