The Return of This Spring/Summer 2012 Camouflage. It Accept as Print of Season? (I)

Admit it openly because it is not now a question of denying the past, Yes, I was one of those fashionistas that let itself be seduced by the camouflage print. Even though it was years ago, when this military trend He came to giving many war and never better.

Now there are many voices trying to rescue her again, and implement it as trend for this spring/summer 2012. We’ve seen it on some runways, and also in campaigns. The much large retailers have taken their brush with this print, and finally on the street we have observed more than one look of some daring and bold street styler.

Comme des Garçons: sartorial camouflage


And although my ends not convince me at all, in this special we propose ways to lead the trend without seeming a guerrilla soldier. It is not so easy, so pay attention to stylistic tips, since these as significant prints marked much the outfit, and not always in favour, although we will try to.

In the second line, the most economical of Comme des Garçons We have seen the camouflage treated in a very intelligent way. And it is that the Japanese firm always knows how to loop the loop and this season has introduced the print in some parts of tailoring as casual blazers, Chinese trousers, shirts, as well as various knitted garments.

By way of patchworks, as applique y playing with layers , Although we can also find completely drenched garments of this print, which has been modified, versioning, and updated. To fit from the House also dare with an original Moccasin Suede, of course in the military print.

As advice, the total looks better leave them to the catwalk, and is that in these cases it is preferable to combine stamping with basics, respecting the same colour scale. With camel, beige and toasted tones, sand and green goes to or painted. It is clear as well, yea wear camouflage.

Warrior bags and backpacks


For those who wish to wear the trend but not dare with any garment, the signature street Namanica He has released this Warrior line. Bags and backpacks of canvas with details of leather in very modern designs. You have plenty of sizes to choose from so make sure any matches to your daily needs.

Street in Carhartt camouflage


In Carhartt also find a line of camouflage, but that Yes, at this casual firm has given a lap featuring camouflage with colors reversed, for example, or frayed effects. The multi-Pocket jacket is postulated as the star, which is by the way very consistent also with the safari-inspired trend, that once again repeats its validity.

Acne and flowered camouflage


In other firms such as the Swedish Acne what he has done has been somewhat reinventing the concept camouflage and remove the military curfew. How? As mutating the print to small swash in the purest style liberty, making it far optical effect that the stamped protagonist of today.

Military plate


If you still think that yours is not clothes or bags perhaps with a small detail you think about it. House Bape It has rescued from oblivion the typical military badges (Yes, also recognize that you had them), vesionandolas with camouflage. More impossible army.