The Samsung M5650 is the Big Brother of The Samsung S3650 Corby-the Touchscreen Smartphones Compared

The latest creation from the House of Samsung will be a touchscreen Smartphone, which wants to leave the competition behind with the combination of a perfect equipment and a low price. The Samsung M5650 is an improved version of the popular Samsung S3650 Corby, where it has won and gained no size to quality.

The predecessor: Samsung S3650 Corby

The Samsung S3650 Corby is an upbeat Smartphone for teens and young adults. The special feature of the phone is that you can exchange the outer shell with one of many others with a simple handle. A small fan community now has to made already, so you can order a case with SpongeBob even here on the page by Our site. With the different skins you can occur always suitable to the event with its Smartphone – now keck and stained in the school, or simple and serious at work.

The support of social networks will be particularly interesting for the young target group. Studivz Facebook, twitter, and myspace are enjoying ever greater popularity, especially the 20-25 year olds use these services every day. The software combines open new messages and updated status messages answered entries of all networks at a glance. The touch screen of the Samsung S3650 Corby has a diagonal of 7.1 cm, making it not too big for the Pocket but also not too small for typing emails and longer texts. The resolution succeeds on a number of pixels by 240 x 320, which is internal memory but only on 96 MB, which expand with micro-SD cards so recommended. Furthermore the Smartphone has transmitted a 2-megapixel camera, an mp3 player and data only via GPRS, EDGE and Bluetooth – looking for UMTS and HSPA in vain.

What has been improved on the Samsung M5650?


Typical: The supple of rounded corners

Basically, the two touch screen smartphones are relatively similar, the elegantly rounded corners are of course first. But as the big brother of the Vorgämngermodells Samsung S3650 Corby, the Samsung M5650 can of course still some more:

The Internet is the most important. The Corby speed can no longer compete with most other smart phones, the M5650 (Incidentally, also known under the name “Lindy”) can shine more in the area; the data transfer options mentioned in the Corby cause still UMTS, W-LAN, Wi-Fi and the fast HSPA. So, transfers from rich 7.2 megabits per second are possible, as we learn in this article by Our site. The second most important improvement is the camera: although also the Samsung M5650 with its 3.2-megapixel camera at least at first glance can not compete with more expensive models such as the Samsung Omnia HD i8910, but from experience, the cameras of mobile phones by Samsung are equipped with a good technique behind the lens, so you can snap still good photos.

The internal memory has grown not just with its 50 MB, but of course to expand the memory up to 8 GB with micro SD cards with this Smartphone in the form of ingots suitable for beginners. 98 g “Lindy” brings more weighing five grams but than its predecessor, but both are still real lightweights are compared to other smartphones. With the masses of 106 x 57 x 12 mm, the Samsung M5650 is 3 mm longer, but also with this mass can be found place loosely in each pocket. You also still here, directly on the site of Samsung is more information about the practical music playback.


A possible Bowl

Worth the small big brother?

Also “Lindy” is still small for a big brother – thanks to the improved facilities and the pleasant price come especially spenders and fans of the handy Smartphone on their costs. Anyone looking for a Smartphone with the, you can perform simple functions of business, shoot photos, go quickly to the Internet, and always be connected to his friends and acquaintances, does nothing wrong with the Samsung M5650. As of May 2010, there will be the unit in the shop Our site – buy cell phones online.