The Samsung S7550 Blue Earth Solar Panel: The Eco Mobile Phone Can Keep Up With “Normal” Smartphones!

With the new mobile phone from Samsung Electronics is a major step towards environmental protection and-schonung made when purchasing a mobile phone. Kooperatiuonspartner of Samsung S7550 Blue Earth is the WWF and the expansion of the reserve is supported at the time of purchase in the Uckermark.

Housing made of water bottles

Eco mobile is actually from PCM, which is made of recycled plastic in the form of water bottles. Thus, carbon emissions in the production are kept significantly lower than at the usual mobile phone production. The packaging of the S7550 Blue Earth cellphones is made of paper and therefore easy. But not only shows the environmental friendliness of the S7550 Blue Earth. The solar module, which is located on the back of the housing contributes to the environmentally friendly idea that cell phones at. One hour sunlight provides at least a ten-minute conversation. The backlight, backlight duration and the Bluetooth can be in the “eco mode” switch. Save energy made easy!

Yes, Yes, ECO and nothing on it!

That’s not true in this case definitely! The difference to the “normal” mobile is hard to remember, thanks to the usual functions such as Internet via Wi-Fi, 5 mega pixel camera and internal MP3 player. The sounds and songs on the 160 MB internal memory can store. This is expandable up to 16 GB. Guarantees fast data transfer HSDPA with a download rate of 3.6 Mbit / s. The images from the camera can be link via Geotagging and make visible on digital maps. It is available through the 3-inch touchscreen with a resolution of 320 × 420 pixels and virtual keyboard. No limit the own imagination is set to the user interface: icons and widgets can move freely. So there is really no difference it is possible to look at PDF documents and to retrieve email from POP3 with the S7550 Blue Earth. The Office package leaves nothing to be desired!

I am going! And save trees!

No, this is not a joke. The new “eco phone” shines with the function of the built-in pedometer. The special thing about it is not the extrapolation from this resulting calorie consumption. The pedometer compares the number of steps with the consumption of a car on the same track. The saved CO2 emissions are then translated in the form of a Baumicons in rescued trees thanks to the footpath. Super thing and nicely designed.

Thus, the new mobile phone from Samsung is progress in regard to environmental protection and also rescue. This exceptional Mobile S7550 Blue Earth there is of course too soon at Our site mobile phones buy cheap online.