Touchscreen Smartphones May Be Similar-Are Often Fundamentally Different: Nokia n97 Mini, Samsung b7620 And The Motorola Milestone In Comparison!

Not long ago, talk of an operating system in a mobile phonewas not even! They knew mostly not what’s exactly in the mobile phone, main thing it works. Now, a distinction is made between mobile and Smartphone . Today, buying a mobile phones or smartphones directly from the operating system will be made subject to and bought not only about the design. The Motorola Milestoneand Samsung B7620 Nokia N97 mini are three smartphones with different operating systems, are otherwise quite similar.

All of them have a QWERTY keyboard, a large display and good workmanship

All three smartphones feature a touch screen and a slide-out QWERTY keyboard. The display of the NokiaN97 mini is however already smaller in comparison. The Smartphone has a touch screen 3.2 inch, but that is not small compared to other smartphones. The Motorola milestone features a 3.7-inch display size.Close behind with 3.5-inch touch screen is the Samsung B7620 in the Giorgio Armani look. All three smartphones are outfitted with good processing.

The Motorola milestone

It is as the name already says truly, a milestone in the history of the mobile phone. Motorola was not more successful in recent years and the US manufacturer had to zurückkomemen accordingly with a milestone to get back into the focus of popular smartphones. The Motorola milestone has succeeded in any case. It impresses not only with the already generous touch screen on the wonderful view images and videos can be. The Smartphone has the 5 megapixel camera with built-in Flash and image stabilization. Despite the built-in Slidertastatur, the Smartphone is relatively thin with a depth of 13.7 mm. Also, theMotorola Milestone is well equipped for the mobile website. When such a Smartphone a GPS module may not be missing.

Google Android

The probably most decisive difference compared to the other two smartphones Nokia N97 is the operating system of mini and the Samsung B7620. The Motorola Milestone is the world’s first smartphone that was running Google Android 2.0 on the market. The Google operating system is extremely fast. Even multi touch works on the Motorola milestone. Multi touch as the name implies, allows you to take advantage of the user with multiple taps the touch screen . This is very useful for example when turning, zoom in and out of images. However not every phone that is equipped with Google Android offers multi-touch. What on any cell phone or smart phone with Google Android right, is the physical keys for home screen, back and options facilitate the handling. The advantage of this operating system lies in the use of mobile Internet, making the name already erahnnen.

Nokia N97 mini

The Nokia N97 mini is the lightest mobile phone in this comparison with 138 grams. The other two phones are significantly heavier and quite beautiful hunk with approximately 160 grams. The Nokia top model in mini format offers everything a Smartphone should bring. The built-in camera is as good as the Motorla milestones. The Nokia N97 mini brings a complete Office package, which allows even the open Excel and Word files. Thus it is a step ahead the competitors by Motorola. GPS should not be missed and cards is determined with Nokia’s Ovi soon also charge for Nokia N97 mini to have. We have already reported maps of . mobile phones buy online via Ovi in this blog.


The Nokia N97 mini runs the operating system Symbian S60 5th Edition. Multi touch is not possible with this operating system. The new Symbian 3 will be improved in the direction but. Symbian has currently still small problems with the touch operation. These operating systems were developed even at times of key mobile phones and is updated but more and more. This is evident even in the phone book, where a call to a contact double click is necessary. This is due to the former interpretation on keys cell phones. Because is only marked with the first click, then there are buttons right and left to subsequent operations. Thanks to the now fifth generation now but not more demnetsprechend falls in the weight and will improve more and more. This operating system is suitable is good for the multimedia Einsatzun dfindet mostly in Nokia phones again.

Samsung B7620 with big name

The B7620 stands out a bit, because it carries the name of the Italian fashion designer Giorgio Armani. It should attract business customers thanks to the Office functions. The camera offers the same mega pixel count of 5 like the two described predecessor and comparator. As a business smartphone, a complete package of Internet with Wi-Fi, UMTS support, HSDPA and HSUPA should not be missed. Technically, the design Smartphone is similar to the Omnia B7610. Samsung.

Windows Mobile 6.5

Windows Mobile is one of the operating systems that have been developed with the beginnings of the touch screen . Since these were not controlled yet with your finger, but with pins. The problem is, that are relatively delicate handling. Many manufacturers, as well as Samsung, serve up their own user interfaces to work around the problem. Samsung calls this TouchWiz. It is as it were an old hand on the operating systems for smartphones and must constantly resist the new generation of bada and maemo operating systems. Windows Mobile 6.5 is however significantly better designed for use by finger and can therefore already parole offer competitors. As mentioned also above this operating system on the business use is designed. A comparison of current operating systems can be found on site here and on the mobileZeigeist blog here.


Of course, all described operating systems can be, also bada and maemo apps expand and improve. This is also a significant difference between a mobile phone and Smartphone. A Smartphone apps will be with programs and applications do not expand, a cell phone on the other hand. The number of apps varies from vendor to vendor. On the blog Our site here is also a very detailed and accurate presentation of the pros and cons of many operating systems set forth. Also, an overview of the operating systems shows the blog Mobile here. Basically, you can tend only to proposals, as that was also made in this blog. So the Symbian system offers good use of multimedia, Windows Mobile has a good Internet wire a certain business character, and Google Android. Sole managing shows which operating system but fits like to someone and to some extent also the personal preference. We offer also the three described smartphones by . mobile phones buy online on our website. For more detailed information worth a visit on the side. phones online cheap buy.