Unkilled Comes to Android, The New Shooter from Zombies of The Creators of Dead Trigger 2

The creators of Shadowgun and Dead Trigger brings us a new game of first person shooters, and zombies again… Madfinger Games presents Unkilled with new story, new characters and new Zombie Apocalypse.

Unkilled arises whether same as the game’s most fast-paced action of zombies for mobile devices in history. Starring Joe, a member of the aantizombis WOLFPACK, will struggle at the epicenter of the last zombie Holocaust in New York City. Your goal is to kill the zombie threat until it expands around the world and to achieve it will have the support of friendly units.

Madfinger Games experience can be seen in this new game, both graphically and gameplay. Unkilled It is presumed to offer incredible graphics, with detailed models, representation of vegetation, textures, reflections, shadows and particle simulation. It also boasts in its control, the same as in Dead Trigger 2, with its gameplay intuitive with its automatic firing system.

Unkilled account with 300 missions full of enemies and bosses. During its history, we can achieve more than fifty guns. The game is Free-to-Play, we will find integrated shopping to acquire real money special weapons and more power, although they are optional. If we are left without power as only we have to wait for it to recharge, and during the game we are getting weapons and coins.

Unkilled Version 1.0

  • Version of Android: from 4.0
  • Developer: MADFINGER Games
  • Download it in: Google Play
  • Price: Free with integrated shopping
  • Category: Action