Verivox: So Much Traffic You Consume Actually in the Mobile Internet

Many providers give their mobile phone tariffs still included volume of only 200 to 500 megabytes (MB). This is consumed, shrinks the speed of mobile data flat on lame 64 kilobits per second. COMPUTER image therefore recommends: consume before you opt for a new Smartphone tarif or to your contract book, you skip a surfing option, what you actually average data volume in the month. A collection of everyday Internet applications and their consumption in kilo – or megabytes as orientation, see the below text Gallery.

Now determine best mobile phone tariff with data flat

So Internet applications consume much data volume

E-mail checkenWenn you from your Smartphone send a simple E-Mail without attachments, this consumes approximately 50 kilobytes (KB) the volume of your data. At a contractually defined data volume of 200 MB per month, you can therefore mobile more than 4,000 E-Mails send.
Messenger services like WhatsApp nutzenNoch less data volume eat short messages on WhatsApp Messenger services: in fact there are about 10 KB per message. Applies here too: If you send attachments such as photos, the consumption is raised significantly. Proposes an image depending on the resolution with two to three megabytes (MB) to beech.
road information of the railway (mobile page) the benefit to the mobile Internet: you can check just the current trains traveling on the road. Verivox has calculated that track information about the mobile website of the railway consumed about 200 KB per message to data volume.
Surfing on Facebook social network Facebook you always see what your friends are doing now. According to a latest statistics more than 13 million users of mobile devices on Facebook log in Germany alone. By viewing the images uploaded by friends you consume approximately 1.5 MB. on Facebook
watch videos on YouTube (mobile page) schauenWenn you a video on the mobile site of YouTube, which consumes an average of data around 10 MB. Videos on YouTube of the normal side of YouTube so you’re schauenAuf even with 20 MB this, equal to twice as much data consumption.
Google search consumes about 200 KBEine average search on Google will cost you 200 KB. A monthly data volume of 200 MB is final with fast Internet. so at the latest 1,000 searches
Skype AnrufMit Skype calls over the Internet. Via webcam, the participants can make even video calls. A call to the fixed network consumes about a MB per minute. Your call partner also uses Skype, there are about 3 MB per minute for video calls even more.
StreamingdiensteSie listen to music through streaming like Spotify or juke? Account with data consumption by up to a MB in the minute.
video-live then broadcasting a football game via video stream on your Smartphone can soon some hundred MB swallow.
A YouTube Video consumes 20 Megabytes
The data volume is fleeced varies depending on the Internet application. So playing a YouTube video with rich 20 MB to beech suggests. With a monthly data volume of 200 MB with fast Internet is so at the latest after ten videos. Significantly less data volume eat short messages about measuring eng services like WhatsApp. About 10 kilobytes (KB) message taps into off of your surf volume. A tip: Visit if possible mobile versions of a Web page. These are designed not only for small smartphone displays, but deal with smaller pictures and missing multimedia elements also more economical with the data volume. More tips on how to help reduce the throughput, reveals the text line.

Save data volume: longer quickly browse the mobile Web

KomprimierenBrowser like Opera Mini or Google compress Web pages chrome for iOS and Android content on a Web page before it loads the Smartphone. Especially for pages with many images, so some megabytes can be saved. Consistent Wi-Fi nutzenWo whenever possible, use a Wi-Fi instead of cellular to go online. Access data for wireless networks that you have already used, remembers the Smartphone. You are in range, the phone automatically switches from the mobile network to Wi-Fi. Prerequisite is of course that the Wi-Fi function is enabled. Emails manually you abrufenRichten up your smartphone so, that it gets emails automatically at specific intervals. If you receive many messages, your data quota in this way is quickly exhausted. Wi-Fi instead at home, at the Office or in the Café and download emails manually. Auto-synchronization abschaltenWas applies to the email app, worth also for other apps that up – and above all to download in the background data. These include all kinds of Messenger and for example the apps for Facebook and Google +. But also weather widgets or RSS reader can be configured. Those who want to save volume, turns off all automatic synchronization. Photo upload disable apps, dropbox, Facebook and Google + offer the possibility, all photos and videos that you have made with the Smartphone camera to directly upload to secure them. Turn this feature off or not only. Alternatively, let the upload only via Wi-Fi. The apps provide an option for this. Music in the Wi-Fi download Streaming apps as about Spotify consume very much volume when you stream the music constantly on the go directly from the Internet. Instead, these apps offer also downloading the songs. Make of it use and still at home download your playlists in the Wi-Fi. Offline nutzenNutzen you Wikipedia the online encyclopedia Wikipedia on the go very often? Make it available offline, then upload the article to the Smartphone store.

Our site: On the road, see a variety of apps that do just that.
Card services offline nutzenSchon for some time Google maps offers the possibility to download maps and then use without an Internet connection. Caution: The navigation doesn’t work so. The alternative map data by OpenStreetMap can be about the apps OsmAnd maps & navigation (Android) or ForeverMap 2 (iOS) offline use.
complete traffic komprimierenMit the app data savings by Onavo compress all traffic that runs not only the Web pages in the browser on your Smartphone. However, you transfer all the data about the provider’s server, where they are shrunk with it. If you are right, you need to decide. Onavo promises by the compression 80 percent in volume to save.
Consumption data counter apps that are already installed on devices with iOS and Windows phone are add to cart. Smartphones and tablets with Android 4.0 or the successors, there is a counting function that gives an overview of the used data quantities. Who uses an older Android-version, can the counter with apps like Netcounter mobile counter, traffic counter upgrade.
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Now determine best mobile Phone Tariff!

You now have a rough idea of how much you consume in the mobile network per month on average and do not always only sparingly surf? Then locate the Smartphonetarif cheapest for you data flat now included with tidy volume. By COMPUTER BILD and Verivox calculator helps you to find the best deal for you.