Autumn mood in Indian Summer in Vermont

Vermont Cities, Climate and Sights

The US state of Vermont is located in the eastern north of the USA, the part that is also called New England, but has no direct access to the Atlantic. Vermont is bordered by Canada to the north, New York to the west, Massachusetts to the south, and New Hampshire to the east. About 626,000 people live on 24,901 km².

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The US state of Vermont

Autumn mood in Indian Summer in Vermont

Autumn mood in Indian Summer in Vermont

The capital, Montpelier, is centrally located in the state and has around 8,000 residents. Vermont received its name from one of its first settlers, the meaning of the word being “green mountain”, which also applies well to the landscape found there. See Vermont counties list.

The population is made up of 97% whites, with 23.3% of French or Franco-Canadian origin. 18.4% are of English descent, 16.4% have Irish ancestry and 9.1% are of German descent. The remaining 4% are divided roughly equally between African Americans, Asians, Latinos and Native Americans.

Many people of French descent live in the north in particular, and the French language is also used there as a colloquial language. Vermont is reportedly the state with the highest percentage of white citizens in the United States.

More than 75% percent of the state is covered by hardwood forests, mostly maple trees. Many wild animals can also be found in its forests, such as the brown bear, elk and coyote.

Vermont is best known for its maple syrup, marble quarrying and processing, and idyllic mountain scenery. The Green Mountains and Lake Champlain are popular recreational areas. Consequently, the nickname is Green Mountain State. Many wealthy and millionaires from the surrounding states own a weekend home here. Since the 1950s in particular, this has caused property prices for the once inexpensive area to skyrocket to unimagined heights.

In autumn, the landscape blooms with the bright colors of the changing leaves, which is also known as Indian Summer. The mountains, rivers and lakes offer recreational activities from skiing in the winter to fishing, hiking, trekking, water hiking and camping in the summer and fall. The quiet towns and villages of Vermont are also part of the program for the approximately ten million visitors who find their way here every year.

The biggest cities

Vermont’s largest cities with their 2010 population.

  • Burlington 42,000
  • Essex 20,000
  • South Burlington 18,000
  • Colchester 17,000
  • Rutland 17,000

Climate and weather

Summer in Vermont lasts from May to September. During this time the weather is mild, there may be rain showers on some days, similar to those in Central Europe. Temperatures can climb up to 30 degrees Celsius in summer, at least on some days.

Winters are quite cold, snowfalls and isolated blizzards can occur here . The temperatures like to drop below 10 degrees, so that some lakes freeze over and you can do the numerous winter sports.

As in the other New England states, the landscape in autumn, the Indian Summer, is extremely colorful and therefore the most beautiful season for us and the best time to travel to Vermont.