San Andres, San Andres Island (Colombia)

What to See in Manizales and San Andres (Colombia)

Manizales (Colombia)

According to PHILOSOPHYNEARBY, Manizales is located within the Cordillera Central. It is the administrative center of the department of Caldas – the most important coffee producer in Colombia and one of the centers of the so-called “Coffee Triangle”, which is formed by three provinces: Caldas, Quindio and Risaralda. Manizales is considered the capital of Colombian coffee, it is surrounded by coffee plantations, where excursions are arranged. Manizales is often compared to the Swiss mountain villages, because the climate here is just as mild and the air is just as clean.

The city was founded in 1848. In Manizales hosts many public and private universities, and one quarter of its population are students. In the central area of the city there are two squares: Plaza Bolivar and Parque Caldas. On Plaza Bolivar there are administrative buildings and the city Cathedral. Manizales also has an extensive Los Yarimos Eco-Park. Hiking trails are laid in the park, there are observation platforms from which you can see the whole city; ice rink and restaurants. But still, they go to Manizales in order to visit coffee plantations and one of the best national parks in Colombia – Los Nevados. The national park is located 40 km from Manizales . and covers an area of 590.78 sq. km. There are 5 volcanoes on the territory of the park, the peaks of which are covered with snow all year round. The central place here is occupied by the Ruiz volcano with a height of 5400 m. It last erupted in 1985. The remaining 4 volcanoes are: Tolima (5200 m), shield volcano Sant Isabel (4950 m), Quindio (4750 m) and Quisne (4700 m). Los Nevados National Park is a great place for outdoor activities. Climbing is arranged on the tops of volcanoes, but it is worth remembering that these hikes are quite difficult and are suitable only for physically prepared tourists. Among the attractions of the park, one can also distinguish hot hydrogen sulfide springs, which are located on the slopes of the Ruiz volcano, and Lake Otun, which is located at an altitude of 3900 m. Rare bird species such as the Colombian small goose, the Colombian duck,

South of Manizales are the cities of Pereira and Armenia, which are also major coffee producers. In their vicinity are the Parque Nacional del Café National Park, which was created on the site of an old coffee plantation (different types of coffee trees are represented here), and numerous coffee museums. Every year in June, the National Coffee Festival is held near Armenia, the obligatory elements of which are the Jeep Parade (the main means of transportation through coffee plantations), the selection of the National Coffee Queen and the Theater Festival.

San Andres, San Andres Island (Colombia)

The archipelago of San Andres and Providencia is located 230 km east of Nicaragua and 750 km northwest of the Caribbean coast of Colombia. Many centuries ago, the islands of the archipelago were the base of pirates, and now they are the “pearl” of the Caribbean Sea, a place where tourists from all over the world come to rest. It can be reached by plane from the city of Cartagena. The archipelago consists of three dozen coral islands, which are concentrated around the largest islands: San Andres Island and Providencia Island, located 90 km to the east. Wide sandy beaches, clear waters, extensive coral reefs and abundant marine life make the archipelago Colombia ‘s most popular resort area.. Here you can not only have a great rest, sunbathing and swimming, but also engage in water sports such as diving, windsurfing and yachting.

The capital of the archipelago is the city of San Andres , which is located in the northern part of San Andres Island. The city consists of hotels, restaurants, discos and numerous shops. It is worth noting that the islands of San Andres and Providencia have the status of a free trade zone, so they are a great place for shopping. A little south of the city of San Andrés, on the highest hill of the island, is the village of La Loma.. From here you can enjoy beautiful views of the Caribbean Sea, whose green-blue waters are called “seven-colored”. In La Loma is the oldest church in the archipelago – Iglesia-Bautista-Emmanuel (16-17 centuries). On the west coast of San Andres Island, a few kilometers southwest of La Loma, it is worth visiting the legendary Morgan’s Cave. It is believed that here in 1670 the English pirate Henry Morgan hid his innumerable treasures. Morgan’s Cave is the island’s most visited attraction. Now a small museum is open here. On San AndresIslandyou can also go to the vast mangrove forests, of which there are about 12. In the forests you can see red, white and black mangroves, shellfish, crabs, lizards and many birds. The best means of transportation around the island is a motor scooter, which can be rented in any village.

The best beaches of San Andres are located in the vicinity of the capital city, on the island of Johnny Cay, which is located a few kilometers from the city of San Andres, on the east coast in San Luis, Sound Bay and Rocky Cay, as well as in Kokoplam and Aquario.

Around San Andres Island there are about 35 dive sites. There are coral reefs, underwater rocks, underwater caves and shipwrecks. The best places for diving are considered to be the western, northern and southern coasts and the coastal waters of small islands. During the dives, you can see a wide variety of coral formations, tropical fish, barracudas, dolphins and sharks.

For windsurfers, the east coast is suitable. The season is December-February.

Providencia Island is located 90 km east of San Andres Island. Rest here will appeal to lovers of silence and solitude, because only 4,000 people live on the island, and the bulk of tourists rest on San Andres. The largest settlement on the island of Providencia is the village of Santa Isabel. Santa Isabel is connected by a wooden bridge to nearby Santa Catalina Island. This bridge is called the Bridge of Lovers, on the beaches located in its vicinity, couples in love rest. On the southeast coast of the island is the McBean Lagoon Reserve, in the underwater part of which a coral reef is protected, and on land – mangroves. Very interesting hiking trips to the highest point of the island – El Pico, from where you can see the Caribbean Sea and small coastal islands.

The most popular beach areas of Providencia Island are located on the north coast of Frashuter Bay and located on the southwest coast of South West Bay and Manzanillo. Freshwater Bay is also considered the best diving spot on the island. Other popular dive sites are also located off the north coast.

San Andres, San Andres Island (Colombia)